"I have often wanted to write these tales for I have had a privileged view of the fierceness of a Free Being, a Wild Heart and True Avatar, the Great One in Person. Gazing upon Him and adapting to the intensity of His Loving Divinity, the loveless ways that I subtly withdraw are more clearly seen by me, and by this critical self-understanding, I become harmonized with Reality Itself, which I find to be identical to the enjoyment of His Company.

My heartiest testimony is I have seen Adi Da, up close and personal, and I found Him to Be Transparent to Fundamental Reality, Always Radiant, Only Serving, Always Free and Giving Freely, the Person of Love Incarnate."

Frank Marrero - Preface to 'A Monkey's Tale On the Divine Person'

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All who study a subject having to do with personal understanding and development or enter onto a 'path' of spiritual or psychological practice(s) should remember they are responding to some form of a 'call' or 'need'. They had best understand they themselves, and NO ONE ELSE, under whatever AUTHORITY or POWER, are responsible for themselves and the decisions they make. Such persons ALONE, are responsible for their thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors and the impact they may have for themselves, on others and the environment in which they exist. In the end, as in the beginning, and so in the middle, there is Only One Responsibility.

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