This is a letter written by Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj) in 1970 to CSA Press the publishers of 'The Knee of Listening'.

"I entered into this plane of life with...and took hold of a psychophysical form which in itself is no more illuminating than any other psychophysical form. It needed to be transformed. That transformation could have taken place in any number of ways. The way that I chose to do it was through this peculiar adventure of Franklin Jones. All the kinds of things that can be said about Franklin Jones are secondary, they're not real in the absolute sense, they are episodes in the persona, which is in fact how everybody else lives, except they don't do it consciously".

Adi Da Samraj, Franklin Jones is a Fictional Character, April 1974


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Expanded 2004 version

The Life and Understanding of Franklin Jones*
1971 By Franklin Jones

Expanded 2004 version

"What is consciousness? This is the basic question posed in The Knee of Listening. What is consciousness? You never discover what it is by wandering in the play of life and the body-mind. You can only discover it by entering into consciousness itself, by contemplating it most profoundly, locating its Quality, Condition, Status, Force. When you have fully entered into Consciousness Itself, then suddenly the Divine Condition of everything becomes obvious"
Energy of Consciousness - 1982

The Knee of Listening and Study Lesson

The Knee of Listening


Study Lessons

The Life of Understanding Series

A twelve week course taught by Bubba Free John, Spring 1973

Author's Preface
Study Introduction


Some weekly lessons covered more than one chapter*

1. The "Bright"

The Bright - Amrita Nadi
Lesson of Life
Week 1

2. The Listener

The Listener - Practice of Listening
Week 2

3. Hearing

Hearing - Lesson of Life
Week 2

4. The Seeker

Stanford, Thumbs and LSD
Week 2

5. The Understanding on the Beach

Week 2

6. The Passage to the Guru

Week 3

7. The Meeting and the "Work"

Week 3

8. The Idea of Release from Narcissus

Week 3

9. The Death of Narcissus

Week 3

10. The Journals of My Seeking

11. The Abandonment of Effort in India

Week 4

12. The Search for Release from the Mind: Scientology

Week 4

13. The Return to India and the Problem of Spiritual Consciousness

Week 4

14. Shakti in America, New Problems and the Return to India

Week 4

15. The Last Trip to India and the Reappearance of Christ

Week 4

16. The Diary of My Pilgrimage

17. The Inheritance

18. The Way Becomes Conscious

Differences in 1972 vs 2004 edition

19. Understanding as Meditation
.......2004 version of Chapter 19

Week 5 - Week 6

20. The Wisdom of Understanding

Week 7 - Week 8 - Week 9

Epilogue: The Man of Understanding

Week 10 - Week 11 - Week 12

"I have written this in the form of autobiography because my own life is perhaps the best instruction I can offer. The mere assertion of understanding is not sufficient to create understanding in the hearer. The hearer must be allowed a creative recognition. Otherwise the symbols wherein his life is trapped will not dissolve. Therefore, I have displayed my life as much as I have had patience and perspective to illustrate it. I hope it has been fruitful for you. But know this. I do not stand for spiritual efforts of any kind. Nor on some middle ground between excess and effort. There is no virtue in the endless reaction to life, nor in the exclusive enjoyment of any understanding maintain... radical humor and freedom in the face of divine beings as well as the most disgusting elements of ordinary life"
chapter 20 - Knee of Listening

............................................................................................................................2004 Edition




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  Adi Da, Ramana Maharshi, Nityananda, Shridi Sai Baba, Upasani Baba,  Seshadri Swamigal , Meher Baba, Sivananda, Ramsuratkumar
"The perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no difference between us"
Tripura Rahasya, Chap XX, 128-133


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