Adi Da Samraj


"It is not that only those who are in the seventh stage are enlightened. Those who are in the previous stages of practice are at times entered into the disposition of enlightenment and at other times they are not. They phase in that Realization, and their realization of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness is not Absolute. It is covered over by one or another aspect of experiential consciousness. Only in the seventh stage of life is there absolutely nothing between the devotee and the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, not even a thought, because the devotee is that Consciousness. Thoughts and other phenomena arise as modifications of That.

Previous to the seventh stage, you see, the individual is more or less identified with the self, or the body-mind, in one or another of its dimensions, perhaps in all of its dimensions. He or she is looking to break through into that Consciousness, that Absolute Reality. Many people who have broken through to a slightly less superficial dimension of consciousness think they are enlightened, but enlightenment is only true when it is perfect, when it has penetrated all of the possibilities of consciousness, all of the possibilities of the body. The devotee must learn to surrender, not only to the great affair of the existing universe, but to his consciousness. All things are riding, not simply on energies, but on consciousness. He must surrender bodily into the current, or energy, of the infinite affair of existence and all the universes, and he must also surrender into the Consciousness."

Adi Da Samraj

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"The perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no difference between us"
Tripura Rahasya, Chap XX, 128-133



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