"True culture must accommodate and tolerate everyone in whatever stage of life they represent.
But is must also not fail to inform and guide each individual in the means of growth in those stages."
Adi Da Samraj

What are the Seven Stages of Life?

Introduction to Adi Da's
'First Word'

"Do Not Misunderstand Me"

At the very least you should understand him correctly.

The Evolution of
Adi Da Samraj
Franklin Jones

Adi Da Samraj

Let's set the record straight once and for all so you won't be confused.

Confessions, ecstatic utterances and other seemingly egocentric and psychotic proclaimations of Realizers and 'God' intoxicated beings.

How Can Anyone Understand Adi Da's Revelation of Being,
"The First, Last and Only Seventh Stage Realizer"?

Adi Da 101

The Seeker, the Search, the Mirror and the Crisis

What is the Fundamental Argument in Adi Da Samraj's Teaching?

Complaints and Problems -

The abuses and outrageous behaviors of the Guru
Lately I've been reading some of the bulletin boards and web pages on the Internet that discuss Adi Da.


Did Adi Da's Teaching Change?
Old and New Dharma


Notes complied from the writings and teachings of Adi Da Samraj.

What is


Sanskrit sat = true,

sanga = company

Beezone Study

The Knee of Listening

'Listening' and the Fundamental Argument of Adi Da

Listening Process

Self-Observation and Self-Watching

Beezone compliation - What's the difference between these two approaches to 'insight".

If You Really Don't Want to Die, This is Where You Go

What does Adi Da mean when he uses the term 'hearing'? - Hearing - a Beezone enquiry

Hearing is
No Small Matter

Excerpted from Yajna Discourses 1995-1996

Until there is Hearing, Until the Argument Makes its Point in You, Practice Cannot Begin

Have I Said It? - Ed Hirsch

"From about 1973-1975, I lived on Persimmon. I was indexing Bubba's works. I found these writings to be.."

The Highest Form of Seeking

"I Will Be Heard"

Growing, Standing Still or Dying

"You can't step in the same river twice"

An Exercise
by Beezone

You Must Find Out 

A Beezone Study on what Adi Da says about what you 'must find out'...and why!


The Primal Incident

The Art of Spiritual Life


The Price Nobody Wants to Pay

The Slick and Clever Mind

Are You Still Arguing?

Commitment (Vow)


The Paradox of 'Turn to Me'

Are You Watching, Listening, Witnessing or Observing?

Sadhana Right Where You Are

Hearing, Understanding and Practice

Intuition in the Teaching of Adi Da


Truth, Romance and Delusion

Locate Me?

Until You Realize...You can never..


The Great Tradition and The Basket of Tolerance

'Seeing' - Study Outline of Chapter 23 of The Dawn Horse Testament

Ah, The Key!

The Thinking Mind

Sila - Equanimity

What is 'Frontal Yoga'?

The Knee of Listening

Adaptation to the Third Stage of Life and the Call to The Fourth Stage

What is Consciousness?

Mind as a Separate Self

What is Recognition?

Study notes on The Torque of Attention - Study of Attention and Consciousness

What Consciousness Is

A Beezone Study

The Following is from The Aletheon, pp. 1531-1549 entitled 'What Consciousness Is'.

What is The Conscious Process?

Beezone enquiry

Verbal Mind

Is there really a thinking mind?

Recognition, Re-Cognition and Enquiry -

A Beezone Enquiry

A Beezone study of the use of the terms 'Recogniton, Re-cognition and Enquiry' as used by Adi Da in his teaching.

"Where are the signs of your maturity...your adaptation, integration...your transcendence?"
Killing the Tiger

Intuition in the teaching of Adi Da Samraj

Counter-Ego Effort -
A Beezone Enquiry

A Beezone study of the use of the term 'counter-egoic effort used by Adi Da in his teaching.

Vital, Peculiar and Solid Character Types

Outline Study Sheet
Chapter 23

Traditional Meditation

Meditation and the Life of Wisdom

Tasting the Moon
Adventures in the Meaning of Life.

Beezone Interview with
Meg Fortune McDonnell

A Beezone Study


Transcendence of the Mind

Beezone Enquiry

Adi Da Samraj

What Are True and False Religion, Spirituality, and Meditation?
Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), The Enlightenment of the Whole Body, 1977.

Crazy Da Must Sing


 “Confessional Poems

of Liberation and Love”

Consider This?

Experiences Are a Demand
Not a Path

Why the World Can Not Be Saved

Discriminative Intelligence, Will and the
Third Stage of Life

How You Find Out You're Not a Victim

Keep Focused and Become Less Interested in the Baggage

The Law That Grants Heart Strength

The Radiance of the God-Man

True Lovers

The Gesture, The Argument, the Service of God-Realization in Ordinary Beings.

A talk by Heart-Master Da, July 12, 1976

White and Orange Books

Beezone's study of the teachings of Adi Da Samraj

Participate in the Condition in Which You Stand

Sound Cloud Recordings



Pilgrimage to Adi Da Samrajashram

Perfect Responsibility

Where the Mind Stops and the World Begins

True Sanity

The Death Message

Old Magazines of the Adi Da Community (1974-1992)



Consumer Mentality - There is no cheap “super-truth” or “clever method” for “every man."

Do Not Misunderstand Me - Adi Da Samraj
"Yes! There is no religion, no Way of God, no Way of Divine Realization".

Do Not Reduce This Institution to a Religion Business - Adi Da
a talk by Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda - October 18, 1981.

Dealing with Existence as it Truly Is - You do have to do this sadhana in the context of your ordinariness.

Best Thing to Do is to Be Uncomfortable - "You cannot avoid that discomfort. It is essential to your conditional life. You must find it, locate it, and really use it."

Beyond Doubt - Adi Da Samraj - "Intelligent people cannot find God in such a mass of idiocy, so quite naturally they look for satisfaction elsewhere."  

Double Bind - unpublished notes 1971 - Adi Da Samraj
"One who is beginning to understand first recognizes that he (she) is suffering, fundamentally unhappy, unsatisfied, and chronically in double-bind that cannot finally be consoled."

Do You Like Your Experience? "Do you like the experience you have, your experience altogether? Are you just coping?"

Ego Society and Peace - Adi Da's Appeal for World Peace
"Human beings in this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) live in the “samsaric” (or un-Enlightened) world of egoic society—and this is why the signs of the times are so profoundly negative."

Awakening and Lesser Stages of Life - "It is not that only those who are in the seventh stage are enlightened."

Be Relieved of Your Seriousness - "We are under the incredibly absurd illusion that there is an objective world "outside" Consciousness and there is a 'me' inside this body."

End of Adi Da's Teaching - Adi Da - 1996 - "it was obvious...there was nothing more I could..teach."

Are There More Fish in the Ocean on a Sunny Day, or on a Cloudy Day? Adi Da Samraj - "The realm of possibility is infinite. There are endless conceivable and inconceivable realms of experience or embodiment that you could be involved in at the present time. But you are consciously involved only in this human one. You are involved in this human embodiment because you have desires"

Essential Matter - Questions
"I hate to tell you this, but when you really get down to the core of the Teaching you begin to realize that you are not going to be given any answers at all."

Establishing Firm Intimacy - "If you are ever going to establish a firm intimacy with anyone, you must deal with all these emotions and become emotionally clarified."

Everybody thinks that God is taking care of everything - Everybody thinks that God is taking care of everything. There is no such God. God Transcends everything. God is to be Realized. God is not your parent."

Failure of Adaptation and Function Life - "The roots of human failure to adapt and master functional life are in the childhood of men and women."

First Truly Human or Humanizing Stage of Development - Adi Da Samraj - "The actual or Realized Truth is not itself an answer to the emotional dilemma of our existence."

Five Points of View - Adaptation of Adi Da's The Five Possible Orientations (or Points of View)
"There are only five possible orientations, each built upon the one immediately previous to itself."

Fundamental Discipline of Love is to... - "Fundamental to the discipline of love is letting go. You are practicing attachment and using it as an excuse to immunize yourself. The discipline of love requires letting people go. I do not mean letting them disappear."

Future of Spiritual Practice - "Sadhana or spiritual practice begins in that place where you make this knot, the self contraction, this fundamental discomfort."

Hard Earth and Stone at my Foot - Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj) 1969 - "I resist and take flight from the material and life condition. The crux of the spiritual life for me now is to see and embrace this mode of reality. The material realm is relentless in its lawfulness."

How Should Your Create Your Life - Love Is Sufficient Wisdom


Humble One-Liners - Adi Da Samraj - "Life is suffering, and then there is God" - "That is one way of putting it, in your humble one-liner fashion."

Finding a order order of men (and women) - Knee of Listening - chapter 20
"I am interested in finding men who are free of every kind of seeking, attendant only to understanding, who will devote themselves to the intentional creation of life in the form and logic of reality rather than the form and logic of Narcissus."

"I Will Be Heard"

The Knee of Listening

"I am not here to fight with you" - Adi Da: "You should also understand that I am not here to fight with you for any cause whatsoever. Whatever you choose, you are completely free to choose, and that is all there is to that."

Identification, Differentiation and Desire - Early teaching

Identifying with Consciousness and Being Consciousness - Can you think or imagine your way to enlightenment? Can you seriously investigate the nature of reality and discovery its Truth (or falsehood)?

Individuation as Politics - "So the politics of individuation is, apart from some of its merits one might presume, basically the politics of egoity. And it glorifies egoity."

Killing the Tiger - "Something in us wishes to remain a child, to be unconscious or, at most, conscious only of the ego; to reject everything strange, or else subject it to our will."

Knot of Self-Contraction - 1996
"It's not merely a sensation you're experiencing. It is an act you are performing. You are doing the self-contraction. It is not merely happening to you.".

Loss of Realization - Dialogue with Adi Da Samraj

Mood of the Heart - "I do not call men or women to my form, for I am not present as any form or power. There is no name or light that is my form or the way to me."

My Heart is Free - 1970 - Adi Da Samraj
"Sitting in my room a few minutes ago and suddenly know who I am. A magnificent flow moved through me, through the Flow of Everything."

Nobody Has Ever Turned to the Guru - "It is not so much that you turn to the Guru. The Guru turns to you. By the time you realize that you have turned, you have become nothing."

No "One" Survives Beyond That Moment - My Bright Word
"Truth is not a conditional state. Truth is not a perception or a thought. When there is truly no "difference", no "one" survives. If there truly is the Most Perfect Realization of Non-separateness, no "one" survives beyond that moment."

Offenses, Resistance and Outrage - "Most everyone will reach their cutoff point, the point where they will tend to stop, the point where practice tends to be sufficient for them or where further effort is too frustrating and too offensive."

Old Patterns and New Responsibilities - "Your present situation is only a reflection of patterns repeated from incidences of the past, frozen moments in time, repeating themselves over and over again."

Place Where Sadhana Begins - Adi Da Samraj - "You may want to forestall this observation."

Popular Meditation and Spirituality - "What is popularized, hyped, and commonly believed to be religion, spirituality, or meditation is invariably a form of self-meditation, self-glorification, and self-survival."

Prayer - 1978 talk - Adi Da Samraj
"If this prayer is made fully, psychically, heartfelt, bodily, truly, even intuitively with a sense of the rightness of it, then it is likely that these changes will take place."

Primary Sensation - "In every moment when you are motivated to seek, the root of the motivation is a sensation. That root-sensation is the self-contraction."

Realization of Love Changes All Emotional and Egoic Complexes - Ordeal of Self-Understanding - Adi Da Samraj.

Realization if NOT about Union - "Realization is not about someone realizing union with someone, or with anything. If there is any effort along those lines, it has nothing to do with Realization. It is precisely this effort that must be understood and transcended."

Right Effort - It's a contradiction and a paradox

"Attention itself is that fracturing. The objects are representations of the results of that fracturing, worked out in every possibility of duality."

Sacrifice Means to Make Sacred - "There are two ways of life. There is one lived by the law of karma, or change itself, in confrontation with the solid world, the appearing world; or there is the way of living from the point of view of Truth or the actual, the real condition."

Seeds - "Seeds are dormant possibilities of life and action. In the life of a practitioner seeds are possibilities or potentials inherent in various disciplines. Without disciplines there are no possibilities."

Sila/Equanimity - "As maturity develops over time, a positive equanimity begins to characterize the body-mind."

Stress - Adi Da Samraj - "You must find the ways to overcome the stresses, to transform the chemistry of the body literally, so that you can live long and without stress, both chemical and social, or cultural."

Transcend the Self Knot of Fear - Adi Da Samraj - 2006
"You cannot escape fear unless something changes about your understanding. ...you cannot get rid of fear. There is no intoxication, no diversion, nothing that will de-sensitize.. anything you do is temporary."

True Sincerity - "True sincerity is a quality that is naturally alive in a person who understands himself."

True and Real Spirituality

Truth, Romance and Delusion - "The true Spiritual process is not a kind process with which and to whom you can indulge in a romance!"

Understanding and Our Primary Activity - "There two aspects appearing side by side in the Knee of Listening; the yogic or phenomenal aspects, and the teaching relative to understanding."

Urge for Human Awakening - "Human awakening is the product of a inherent biological urge. This process of awakening is inherent in the psycho-biological structures of every human being."

Urge for Sanctuary - 1979 - Adi Da Samraj - "To create a human sanctuary for higher adaptation of the human species is a primal human urge. We inherently desire a human and natural environment in which we can live without the chronic production of stress chemistry."

What the World Wants and Does Not Want - "In general, what the "world" wants - and, therefore, what "religious" institutions tend to provide - is social association and optimistic talk."

What is Faith? -"When those who have lost faith in the exalted begin to suspect that things are not as they seem, they always assume that things must be worse than they seem, not better."

Whatever you have not transcended you must fulfill, that is the law. - There is only one Truth, but there are two ways to realize it.

Work It Out - "Work out the matter of forgiveness and love expression with them. By doing this you purify yourself and all your present and relations, and you purify your parents as well."

Yoga of Spiritual Practice -

"The spiritual Way depends first of all on establishing the receptive and descended personality as a functional vehicle of the Living Reality. This is the principle of the first three stages of life."

Attention and The Feeling of Relatedness - Adi Da Samraj - 1990 - " Attention, the feeling of relatedness and the Position of the Witness Consciousness."

Read more

Such is My Message to Man

The Power and Consciousness behind the World are to be Realized as One.

They should not be separately regarded or worshipped, but they should be Perfectly Regarded, Worshipped, and Realized as the One that includes and transcends both of them.

And the World itself, the Play of possibility in experience, is to be transcended in the true One, the Living God, prior to Creation.

The natural psycho-physical sign of this Realization and its Way is the Spiral Current between the heart and the crown.

Adi Da Samraj - 1977, Enligthenment of the Whole Body

The Guru in the world, the Guru who is physically present, is a direct manifestation of Amrita Nadi, the Form of Reality. He is alive as That. He is That absolutely. His visible human form is an absolute reflection of the Perfect Form, and a perfect communication of it.

Adi Da Samraj - 1977, Paradox of Instruction

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"I have spent innumerable hours on the Beezone site and I found it to be an invaluable and nearly essential resource for perusal of the most comprehensive array of spiritually varied topics and discussions to be found anywhere on the Internet. This is often times where the curious starts their process."
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