The following is adapted from The Illusion of Relatedness a book by Adi Da Samraj published in 1986. The adaptation if part of Beezone's White and Orange Project


The Illusion Of Relatedness

The Illusion of Relatedness: Essays on True and Free Renunciation and the Radical Transcendence of Conditional Existence.

Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj)


Section XIV.


Consider this:

"I" is the body-mind.

The body-mind is

a product of Cosmic elemental forces.

The body-mind is

constantly dependent on those forces,

and yet

it is separated from them

by its own independence

or individuality.


the body-mind is

constantly related to

(and yet contracted from)

the same elemental forces

of which

it is itself made,

and of which

all other forms

or products

of elemental forces

are made.


the body-mind is

always related to

and yet separated from

(or in tension with)

all elemental (or Cosmic) forces

and their forms

or products.

The body-mind is "I",

or attention,

or self contraction,

or the feeling of relatedness. 

Because this is so,

the mature practitioner

of the Way that I Teach


constantly return to

(or Always Already Abide At)

the Place

Where he or she Stands.

That is to say,

one should constantly return

from the field

in which one wanders,

or, better still,

there should be

no wandering.

(And attention is the wanderer,


as the body-mind,

or will

and desire,

in relation

to all kinds

of Cosmic,

or elemental,



and states.)

The mature practitioner should

constantly allow


(and its objects, including every aspect of the body-mind)

to subside,

or be at rest,

in the bodiless

and mindless,

or thoughtless,




and heart-silent,

feeling of relatedness.

If this feeling of relatedness

is simply

or merely

and steadily


(or fully felt),

both the feeling

and the contemplation

will dissolve


(like a mirage of water, when it is approached and inspected).

In that instant

of dissolution,

the "pond of Narcissus"


(with its illusions of self),

and What Remains

Is the "Gaze in the Heart",

or the Feeling of Being,

the "Aham Sphurana",

or the Form That Is




merely to contemplate


(and thus to dissolve

or directly transcend,

and even cease to notice)

the feeling of relatedness

is to Be,

Free of the arising of attention

in and to

the forms

and relations

of mind and body.

This is because

the feeling of relatedness

is itself

the contraction

that precedes

(or is the essence and background of)




and their objects

or relations.

To steadily contemplate

the feeling of relatedness

(and, spontaneously,

to Feel

and Be the Condition

That Is Prior to it)

is to Stand

(or Be)

Where neither


nor mind,

nor body,

nor any objects,



or conditional state arise.


do not seek

any object of attention.

Do not seek.

Do not casually "wander"

as attention,

or via attention.

Do not identify with attention,

for it is

the self contractions itself,

and it is


and always

moved toward object,


and conditional states.

To Release attention

(or Be, Released from it)

it is only necessary

to Stand Prior to it.

To Stand Prior to attention,

it is only necessary

to steadily observe

and contemplate

and "re-cognize

and transcend

the essence of attention,

which is the simple,


heart-feeling of relatedness

that is naturally associated

with the right side of the heart.

When this has become stably clear

and obvious to you

(through real practice in the stages of the "Yoga of Consideration"),

such that

you have no other

or contrary motives

(or binding attachments

to the psycho-physical point of view

(characteristic of the first five stages of life),

then meditate thus:

Constantly submit

to feel

(rather than put attention on the thoughtless feeling of relatedness).

Do this moment to moment,

rather than

follow attention itself.

In every moment

of this natural and

easeful feeling-contemplation,


the feeling of relatedness

as self-contraction,

or simply feel


(and, spontaneously, beyond)

the heart-feeling of relatedness,

and thus Feel

That In Which

the feeling of relatedness

is arising

(or in Which

or Of Which

the feeling of relatedness

is a contraction).

What Is That

In Which the thoughtless

feeling of relatedness

is arising?

What Is

That In Which

or Of Which

thoughtless feeling

of relatedness

is an apparent contraction?



and Be



It Gracefully


Its Own Nature,


and Inherent Bliss,

even to the degree

that apparently arising conditions

are Always Already "Recognizable"

In and As That.

Consciousness Itself

Prior to

(or Free of)

all apparent modifications

("gross", "subtle", and "causal")

is "Love-Ananda"

(Inherent "Love-Bliss",

or Self Existing Happiness).

If any apparent modification arises,

the Self-Existing Being,

or Consciousness Itself,

or Happiness Itself,

is apparently diminished,

or limited

and reduced

to the quality

of that "gross",


or "causal" modification.


Be Free

of all modifications.

Stand Free

and Be Free

of identification

with the body,

the mind,

the total body-mind,

and all the worlds

of the apparent relations

of these illusory

or merely apparent

versions of conditional,

or limited

and temporary,



and Be Free

As the One

(or the Transcendental Divine Condition)

Who is merely "Witnessing"

and Who is apparently modified


or as

all that arises


Even When You Have Realized

(and Are Awake As)

That Very

and Self Radiant Consciousness,

simply allow

all apparent conditions

to arise

and pass

as they will,


(rather than cling to

or follow what arises)


and spontaneously


whatever arises.

In this manner,

let all apparent conditions

be Felt

As Is,

or Felt


as if they are,

all together,

like a shawl of gauze,

or an insubstantial vapor,


to the inherent


Do This,

and all this conditional seeming

will be "Transfigured,"


and, finally,


in the Self-Radiant


Unqualified Feeling of Being,

or Absolute Consciousness





"Hear" Me and "See" Me.

Always Feel, Breathe, Love, Trust, Have Faith In,

Surrender To, and Inherently Identify With The Divine Person and The "Ishta-Guru"

(or The "True Heart-Master"),

Both As Your Very Self, or Consciousness Itself,

and As The Conscious Energy or Self-Radiant Person

Who Lives and Breathes

and Is Your apparent body-mind, all apparently other beings, and all apparent worlds.

Allow The Divine Person

and The "Ishta-Guru"

To Stand As all that arises

and Thus To Stand Even As Your Own bodymind

(Within it, As it, and In Relationship To it).

If You Allow This With Love, Faith, Devotion,

and No Withholding,

The Entire Process Associated With Realization

and Liberation Will Be Given To You,

Spontaneously and Exactly.

All You Need To Do Is Respond and Cooperate.

Give Your "self" To The One Who Is Always Already Realized and Liberated.

Respond To That One Heartily.

Then The Very State Of That One Will Be Realized By You,

Quite Naturally, As A Gift.

This Is The "Secret" Of The Way That I Teach.

At Last You Will "See" The "Ishta-Guru"

(The Very Form Of The "True Heart-Master")

As "Atma-Murti"

(The Image Of Inherent Happiness, or The Very Form Of Consciousness Itself),

and You Will Thus Transcend The Illusion Of separation and relatedness.

May all beings Be Blessed To "Hear" and "See" and "Practice"

In The Free Radiance Of This True Heart.

May all those who Suffer The Bondage Of attention Be Released,

Even Now,

By The Power Of My Contemplation.

Let The Power Released Through My Realization Of The Truth

Be Sufficient For The Liberation Of all beings.

Let It Be So.

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..........Adi Da Samraj