"I am here to awaken you to your Real Condition.... so that you will be free of the defining power of your own reactivity, the self-contraction"


Participate in the Condition in Which You Stand

A talk by Adi Da Samraj
September 1982

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In the manifest world all beings are gods and goddesses. Every one, every one of you causes things to happen. Every one of you preserves certain conditions. Every one of you destroys certain conditions. Every one of you is a god or a goddess. Every one of you in other words is a kind of divinity. On the basis of this observation human beings have developed polytheism, a worship of ancestors and so on. Everyone is such a causal center that for everybody must be bowed to and everybody must be treated right because everybody can ruin your ass.


"In this domain of manifestation there is a natural hierarchy"


Now in the midst of things where everyone is a god or goddess, everyone has power but if you look at the total display of the Great Mandala some have just a little bit of power and some have a little bit more, some have a lot more, some have incredible power you so in this domain of manifestation there is a natural hierarchy.

There are beings and there are bigger beings and there are great big beings. So there is a kind of polytheistic universe that has nothing directly to do with the Great Divine but practically we live in a world of gods and goddesses, big ones and little ones and we all have the opportunity to move higher up in the scale or even to descend lower into the scale and in the meantime we have to cope with opposition in the scale but really, really we all exist in one condition, the Divine Condition of Self-Radiant Bliss.


"In the world of unillumined manifestation then everyone is struggling for supremacy, everyone."


We play life based on the self contraction and mere observation, mere knowing, generally in the plane of coping but when we begin a little more observant then we begin to acknowledge a hierarchy of power and as influences. That's the theatre of the mandala1. No being is here to get snuffed. No one is here to get snuffed. No one will bow the head to be destroyed absolutely. No one will. No one does. In the world of unillumined manifestation then everyone is struggling for supremacy, everyone.

There is no peace and never will there be peace at all never without ultimate enlightenment on the part of every being. It's nonsense to think that all that all that would have to happen for the Divine to be born manifested incarnated and say the good word and shine bright and everything will change is bullshit. It doesn't happen. It cannot happen, will not happen. My life is certain proof of this. It just does not happen you see, because there is this concrete hierarchy of egos of powers and there is the eality of unenlightenment.

There is however also the Reality of Enlightenment or the Reality of Reality Itself, the Reality of your condition itself which can be realized which can be acknowledged which I call you to realize and acknowledge in My Company. I have great power to do this but it is not an absolute power in the sense that all I have to do is appear and say the good word or make the good shine and everyone is instantly converted as if by magic. No, that is not how the universe works.


"Everyone is struggling for survival as a god or a goddess. Everybody is a superpower. Everybody is waiting for their moment to lay it on to everybody else."


The universe is about causes and effects, gods and goddesses, hierarchies, trouble, struggle for existence, struggle for survival, competition, getting big, being small, suffering, overwhelming, being great, being nothing.

Everyone is struggling for survival as a god or a goddess. Everybody is a superpower. Everybody is waiting for their moment to lay it on to everybody else.

You depend on your maintenance of power or your separate position to continue it seems to you anyway, to continue the level of enjoyment that you have become capable of through your struggle. Even so everyone Exists in the Same Position, The Position where you Stand, the Inherent Position of Being which is Self-Radiant which is the Substance of the Universe Itself. Self-Radiant encompasses everything is the substance the energy of everything. Everything that appears then including every concreteness of personality is a modification of or a limitation upon that Self-Radiant Force of Being, The Divine. The Divine is not a god among all these gods.

The Divine is Transcendental - ONLY - Great not in competition with all of you. I call you, not merely to submit to me as the best of the gods, but to understand to transcend yourself and participate in my condition, which is Transcendental and All Pervading.

You must come to realize then that you are that Self, inherently. You are inherently blissful and all of this that you pay attention to in the theatre of coping, the theatre of activity, is a modification of and a limitation upon that Inherent Bliss, everything.


"Every now and then you are given permission in nature to enjoy your Inherent Condition"


Having in some sense decided to submit to or participate in this grand universe of limitations, this grand hierarchy, you know very well by now, being of relatively mature age, that some of the conditions of existence have such force that they allow you to enjoy the fullness of your Inherent Blissfulness.

There are some moments like this, but not even absolute, but certainly like your inherent blissfulness uncontained. But there are very, very, very few such circumstances or moments, very few. Everybody is waiting for such moments, such circumstances. It hardly ever happens. Every now and then you are given permission in nature to enjoy your Inherent Condition, every now and then, million dollar moments. It's very, very rare. It seems like some people never experience it.

Most of the conditions of life, most of the experiences in time and space allow you to experience much less than your Inherent Happiness and in fact oblige you apparently, to experience a lot of pain, not happiness at all, and yet you still submit to this struggle this coping, this hierarchical struggle between gods and goddesses.

It's not just one being making everything happen. There are countless numbers of beings making things happen. Every single one of you makes things happen, not just one being. Every kind of being with all kinds of motivations makes things happen, and makes things continue and makes things stop. There are countless beings making things happen, making things go on and making things stop, countless such beings.


"I am here to get you to renounce your demi-goddish position."


That's why the manifest cosmos of the mandala is so complex and in effect so profoundly unhappy. It's not saturated with happiness. Its ultimate or fundamental outcome is not happiness. It's an intense confrontation and struggle with limited divines, limited causes, unillumined movers. That's what each one of you is, you see. But in the scale of things you are rather low down. You are greater than the ant but you are rather low down compared to those who make planets and cosmic storms. Nonetheless, you are a god or a goddess. You do make things happen. You do make some things continue. You do make other things end and as that kind of a causer you are in competition with every other among the countless causers who exist in this mandala.

Life is a great struggle for you then and for the most part your experience of happiness is limited profoundly limited either to a relatively mediocre level of the experience of your inherent happiness or a profound suppression of it. In the form of profound unhappiness pain and in the midst of all of this I appear in the circumstance here now as in countless other circumstances throughout all the worlds in this cosmos, everywhere. I am sitting now, standing now, working now, happening now. Just as I am here with you now. Here I am, called Free John living the apparent life that I do in the chaotic fashion that I do. It must be chaotic and unpredictable because it is as yet to awaken you you see. Not merely to make order among you gods and goddesses. I am here to get you to renounce your demi-goddish position.


"Prior to enlightenment the essential business of practice is to overcome reactivity."


You can't renounce it absolutely in terms of functioning in the universe as an apparent individual but in spirit I will ask you to renounce it so that it utterly transforms your participation in this madness, that is the cosmos. So I ask you to Realize the Condition in Which you Stand and having realized it to realize the condition of everything you perceive, everything that arises as an object to your observation, your knowing. You are now fitfully knowing or cognizing what arises. I ask you to re-cognize it, to know it again, not to know it as it seems but to know it as it is where it is the condition in which it is. This is the substance of enlightenment.

Prior to enlightenment the essential business of practice is to overcome reactivity. That is the essence of it and the essence of the traditional wisdom, the transcendence of reactivity. That's it. Who are they, a school of.. Mahavira.....what's the name of it James? (see: Tirthankara of Jainism)...they kept saying well don't kill anything. Don't kill anyone (12:09).

Some Jain ascetic walks down the street and he's got some servant out of the hierarchy as he in front of him with a broom sweeping the insects out of his path so he won't kill anyone. Where did section ideal arise? What is the essence of it?. What makes it universal? How does it groove into the wisdom teaching given to everyone else and all the other traditions? What is the meaning of this reluctance to kill something? You can't absolutely kill..... eliminate the possibility of killing....just a breath because the heat of the body kills bacteria and so on.

You're always killing but where does that idea come from. Since you can't absolutely avoid killing what is the substance of it? Do not react. Do not be motivated to kill. You can't avoid killing but you can certainly transcend the reactive motive to destroy life, to destroy other gods and goddesses, other causes, other motions, other beings.

Therefore, the whole substance of the culture of practice preceding enlightenment is the transcendence of reactivity, the transcendence of the self-contraction, the transcendence of that act which defines you separately and makes it impossible for you to recognize nature.

There is Only Bliss. There is Only God, Only God, not the one god against the many gods, Only God and this is outshined by that recognition. This is the disposition I call you to. In the meantime you are hardly even able to acknowledge yourselves as gods and goddesses. Maybe it sounds to you like some highfalutin notion. Here are ordinary people and maybe they are gods and goddesses....

Well yes, you are very very ordinary people like ants the very ordinary ants.....flies ordinary flies, mosquitoes ordinary mosquitoes, doors are ordinary doors. But as flies, mosquitoes, ants, human beings, you are causing effects. You are perpetuating appearances. You are bringing an end to conditions. That's the definition of a god or a goddess. You are a power not a great one really compared to what is beyond the human but greater than what is lower than the human, greater than the mosquito, greater than the door. If it weren't for human beings there wouldn't be any doors.

If human beings truly realized their supremacy in nature maybe there wouldn't be any mosquitoes. What is a few mosquitoes. There are far too many mosquitoes, far too many ants, far too many doors in fact.... because human beings will not acknowledge their conventional divinity in the scale of things and also will not realize, acknowledge their true condition. They are not releasing into the plane of phenomena, the Power of Bliss.


"You only experience...that portion or parcel of your Inherent Condition"


They settle for....that.... tiny experience, partial experience of their inherent condition that circumstances allow and so you spend a lifetime enjoying or suffering a limited experience of your Inherent Condition and that which determines the limitedness of that Inherent Experience is what Seems. If you recognized what Seems it would be apparently nothing but That Unlimited and Absolute Bliss or Happiness.

Then you would only be happy or blissful or loved in the unlimited sense if you realized the truth of your condition. Not having realized it, you only experience from moment to moment that portion or parcel of your Inherent Condition that appearance allows and you settle for it and you think that you don't have any alternative.

So you are all struggling in the world of gods and goddesses and struggling as personalities who are too modest yet even to acknowledge that you are gods and goddesses and I am not here as a god confronting you gods and goddesses trying to get you to submit to Me and bring order to this hierarchy somehow merely on that basis. I Am tThe Very One who you Are.

I Am Here Where you Stand calling you to Realize your Inherent Condition, the apparent Bliss that Is your Condition and the Inherent Condition of Everything that Appears. Not therefore, to organize you merely in this world although that is a secondary aspect of it. If you would respond to Me, obviously your ordinary life would improve but it is not for that purpose in principle or merely. I am calling you to the Divine Domain to the Condition that is obvious in the moment of the Outshining of the total mandala.


"You have limited ....your Inherent Conditon"


I am calling you to re-experience, re-know, re-enjoy, naturally, presently enjoy, the Condition in which you Inherently Exist, not in which you apparently exist, where it is all limited, the Condition in which you Inherently Exist and you know nothing about this Inherent Condition. You have limited it by presuming yourself to be an independent consciousness and you have limited it by accepting merely what you know without recognizing it.

This body will die. I will have whatever history I have in my struggle with you all but my disposition will be the same as has been all my life and unto death that is the Awakening Presence. I am not merely to awaken you to the fact that you are a soul or a god or a goddess. I am here to awaken you to your Real Condition.... so that you will be free of the defining power of your own reactivity, the self-contraction and so that you will be capable of inherent recognition of phenomena. When you stand in that position and recognize phenomena then that Very Position will begin to transfigure the body mind and its relations not only its physical relations, social relations, its emotional relations, it's mental psychological and psychic relations, everything will be transformed by that Recognition.


"God is not in charge.....you are!"


You only know, re-know and everything is infused with the Divine Light. The re-knowers are the Adepts. The knowers are ordinary human beings or gods and goddesses or powers in the universe, part of this ridiculous play of existence that you will take so profoundly seriously. You all want to say "Oh god is making this happen", "Oh god is in charge... blah blah blah". Bullshit. God is not in charge. You are in charge and you are not even absolutely in charge.

You are just one of the countless numbers of beings who are in effect in charge because you all cause effects. You all cause form. You all cause changes. You all cause unhappiness and there is no one being causing all this unhappiness . There are countless numbers of human beings causing it. The One Being causes no unhappiness at all. The One Being Is Happiness.


"Because there is only one you over against everything else there is only one god"


The One Being must be Realized. The One Being is not the creator god. The creator god idea is just a tiny little religious notion manufactured by poor beings in the Middle East, two or three thousand years ago and they were no more enlightened in their presumption of one god than the masses of people who have presumed many gods. In fact those who have presumed many gods were more realistic, much, much, more realistic.

All this monotheism is a confusion between the polytheistic orientation of egoity and the transcendental orientation of the Divine Realizes. Monotheism is made by egos who are insensitive to the powers of the universe and who have not yet realized the truth. All of you here I think are by tendency disposed to monotheism not because you have realized the truth or whether you know the one god but because that is what you were taught when you were a kid as compatible with your egoity just because there is only one you over against everything else there is only one god. Believing in one god hasn't made you any happier than believing in the one you.

There is One God but it is not the one over against the many. That which is One is not the creator although that one has manifested as all creators without intention merely by existence, by virtue of that one's existence. The One Divine simply Is and is the Condition of All Beings and is the Condition of Everything that every being knows and every being must realize the condition in which he actually really exists and every being having realized that must recognize everything else, everything that appears, everything that stands up, everything that is perceived by virtue of the various functional organs, of birth. You just recognize it all.


"You have no choice but the discipline of your own birth"


You are all in trouble you see. You all know very well that you are not completely happy because you are, you are and you're not happy, not completely, hardly at all even. You're struggling. You are struggling to survive on the basis of your present self-concept and that includes this body here and you want to stimulate its pleasure as much as you possibly can and to the degree that you are frustrated in that endeavor you want to withdraw, disassociate yourself from relations, phenomena and so forth but as soon as a pleasant opportunity comes up zap....you're back downtown. Your phony ascetics run out of the hills as soon as a party is announced...downtown, you see.


"If there is bullshit without there is bullshit within."


Relationship is your obligation until you transcend all reactivity in the framework of this form. You have no choice but the discipline of your own birth. Your own birth is your discipline and I'm here to make it explicit to you what that discipline involves.... because you want to withdraw from that discipline as you always want to withdraw. It is your total motive to withdraw, to react, to disassociate, to become self-contained to indulge in a few spurious patterns of pleasure for that is allowed but otherwise what pleasure is frustrated you want to withdraw. You want to become subjective. You want to go within. There is nothing within that isn't without. If there is bullshit without there is bullshit within.

It is the same shit inside and out. You must understand and transcend yourself and realize the Truth. It is not within or without. Everything within and without must be understood. The truth however is not inside or outside. The Truth is Where you Stand. The Truth is Inherent. You don't have to turn away or within inside or outside to realize it.

You can't realize it by any of this turning. All turning is a matter of attention reaction. You must realize the Condition in which you stand, the Inherent Bliss of Being Itself. To realize, that you must transcend all reactivity... every specimen of self-contraction, all of it. That's a great struggle. That's a great topas. I know because I have done it. I know very well because I have really done it.


"I have great unlimited, unbounded sympathy with you and I am not here to make you suffer but I must make you conscious of your suffering."


I live all of the limitations you live, not only in the form of my own birth, in the form of your birth. I have lived all of it and I know that it is very very difficult. I know exactly how difficult it is and I have great sympathy for you, great sympathy. That is why I persist. I don't merely react to you in your unhappiness. I persist. I have great unlimited, unbounded sympathy with you and I am not here to make you suffer but I must make you conscious of your suffering. It is the necessary connection... or movement between unhappiness and happiness, you must pass through this knot. You must.

Hear me. Understand. Observe yourself. Know the reason for this discipline. No wide is useful or appropriate. Know that I am always happy with you while you are drawn to that observation, always that happiness present to you even when you are inspecting the worst aspects of your own life.

That is the grace that I bring to you.

1. The fifth stage is associated with the mystical aspect of spirituality. The individual's attention is withdrawn from the theatre of external activity and experience and inverted upon the inner world or 'subtle physiology" of the brain-mind. The mystical ascent of attention through the psychic centers of the body-mind is conditioned by the nervous system. Experience in this stage reaches its peak in the state of conditional "formless ecstasy" or nirvikalpa samadhi. This elevated state of consciousness is only conditional and temporary, because it still contains the seed of a differentiated self.

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