16th Karmapa

Gyalwa Karmapa, Rikpe Dorje (1924-1982), who was the sixteenth incarnation in a line of enlightened heirarchs, heads of the Kagyü order of Buddhism in Tibet. It recounts an incident in his first journey, in the mid-seventies, out of the medieval Himalayan world he had known into the modern West. His first stop was Hong Kong, where his hosts took him to the top of a skyscraper. Standing on the observation platform, the Karmapa looked out with astonishment and delight at the vast view of the city below. Then, after a moment or two, he began to cry. He had to be helped inside by his attendants with tears pouring from his eyes. Later he explained that at the sight of the huge city with its teeming masses being born and struggling without a shred of dharma to help them - "without," as he said, "so much as an Om Mani Padme Hum" - he had been overcome by grief.

-- Sherah Chödzin, from Chögyam Trungpa's The Path is the Goal

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"There was a secret work school that existed in Afghanistan for thousands of years called "Sarmoun Darq," which means "The Beehive" or the "Collectors of Honey."



"I bow down to the most sublime of speakers, the completely awakened one who taught."

Study in the
Spiritual & Religious Traditions of Humankind

The Great Art - Alchemy


The Nature and History and The Great Art of Alchemy.

Here Lies The Heart

Mercedes D'Acosta
"I read (In Search of India) and it had a profound influence on me. In it I learned for the first time about Ramana Maharshi, a great Indian saint and sage."

Ken Wilber

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"I do not understand why so many thousands of people--who have heartily expressed to me the opinion that my own written works express great clarity, judgment, and understanding--balk and look in disbelief when I speak ecstatically of Adi Da.

Ram Dass

Yesterday and Today

"On a sunny May afternoon, a 41 year old man with long, wiry, graying hair emerged from the Boston International Arrivals Terminal..."

The Book - Chapter One

For those who have forgotten the wisdom and humor of Alan Watts.

Mighty Atom

Reminiscing about the Mighty Atom & Slim Farmam

"The last of the Great Strongmen (The Mighty Atom) returned in the person of Slim "The Hammer Man" Farman."

Integral Therapy
D. B. Sleeth

"Mindfulness and “Radical” Non-Dualism and Their Relevancy for Clinical Practice"

Grand Inquisitor

Fyodor Dostoevsky

"My story is laid in Spain, in Seville, in the most terrible time of the Inquisition, when fires were lighted every day to the glory of God, and in the splendid auto da fe the wicked heretics were burnt."

Monsoon as Grace

Mark Canter

Can the Gurus Awaken?

The Guru Principle Investigated by Beezone

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Morgan Zo-Callahan & friends

Hospice care, western and eastern spirituality, Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius; taking action, making a difference in the world and working with the paths of teaching and creativity.

The Character of the Liberated Man

The Yoga-Vasistha

"Qualities, characteristics and behaviors of a Liberated Man (or Woman)"

Money vs Wealth - Alan Watts

Monkey's Tale

Frank Marrero

"I remember the first time I saw the face of Bubba Free John noble, happy, beautiful in an advertisement in the East West Journal in 1975"

Beezone Interview with Meg Fortune McDonnell

Tasting the Moon - Adventures in the Meaning of Life.

Vedic Study Centre

Rishikesh, India



The View from Delphi

A series of rhapsodies on the spiritual foundations of Western thought.

Tom Riley

Devotee of Franklin Jones in 1971 to Adi Da Samraj Presently.

Peter Malakoff

Story Teller

"Before we begin - Lets go back - Lets start again - from where things have a beginning, in story."

Nondual Reality and the Secret Wisdom Hidden Behind the Cross and Creation—A Love Story

Adi Da Samraj and a Nondual Rendering of the Bible


An Interview with
Harry Wu, Human Rights Advocate

Morgan Zo Callahan


"How do you relate with someone who's dying?"

An interview
Morgan Zo Callahan

Ken Ireland

Enlightenment or the realization of Truth, Reality and/or God is as natural as a simple response to the delight of a child's smile. It is no big deal and no grand vision. All big deals and visions are shy of it. The absolute thing is unmentionable This is why the Buddha first refused to speak. But, if one were to speak it would only be a Great Paradox. There is no thing and yet there is. There is the holding on to everything, and the falling away of everything, a point of Zero, Perfect Equanimity. How is such a paradox realized? No mediocre man or woman has ever realized such a state; no fool will ever enjoy it and no childish person will ever begin it. More

The Inheritance of Evil; Or, the Consequences of Marrying a Deceased Wife's Sister. Felicia Skene. London: Joseph Masters, 1849.