Forty Six Way in Which a Bodhisattva Fails


From Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness
by Chogyam Trungpa, copywrite Shambhala Publications, 1993.

Contradictions to the Paramita of Generosity

1. Not offering to the three jewels (dharma, sangha, buddha)

2. Giving in to possessiveness

3. Not respecting more experienced people

4. Not answering questions

5. Not accepting invitations as a guest

6. Angrily refusing gifts

7. Not teaching the dharma to those who want it

Contradictions to the Paramita of Discipline

8. Rejecting those who do not keep their discipline

9. Not developing learning, which inspires others' faith

10. Making little effort for the benefit of sentient beings

11. Not performing evil actions even though it is permitted when one has compassion and there is a need

Contradictions Mainly to Benefiting Oneself

12. Willingly taking up any of the five kinds of wrong livelihood

13. Mindlessly indulging

14. Due to desire and attachment, remaining in samsara

Contradictions Mainly to Benefiting Both Oneself and Others

15. Not preventing getting a bad reputation

16. Not controlling the kleshas

Contradictions to the Paramita Patience

17. Not practicing the four dharmas of a practitioner (not returning curses for curses, anger for anger, blow for blow, insult for insult)

18. Not working peacefully with, but rejecting, people who are angry at you

19. Refusing to accept another's apology

20. Giving into anger

Contradictions to the Paramita Exertion

21. Collecting followers for fame and fortune

22. Not overcoming laziness and so forth

23. Indulging in busyness and chatter

24. Not seeking instruction in samadhi

24. Not abandoning obsurations to meditation

25. Viewing the experience of meditation as good and being attached to it

Contradictions to the Paramita of Prajna
Faults Related to Lesser Things

27. Not respecting the shravakayana, and therefore rejecting it

28. Having abandoned one's own tradition, the Mahayana, exerting oneself in the shravakayana

29. In the same way, studying non-Buddhist literature

30. Although exerting oneself in the Mahayana, preferring sravaka and non-Buddhist literature

Faults Related to Greater Things

31. Not taking interest in the distinctive features of Mahayana

32. Not seeking the holy dharma due to pride, laziness, and so forth

33. Praising oneself and disparaging others

34. Relying on the words rather than the meaning

Twelve Contradictions to Benefiting Sentient Beings

General Application

35. Not helping those in need

36. Not caring for the sick

37. Not removing the suffering of others

38. Not correcting those who are heedless

Specific application

Faults of Not Being Helpful

39. Not repaying kindness

40. Not removing the pain of others

41. Not giving to those in need even though you can

42. Not benefiting those around you

43. Not acting in accord with the customs of others

44. Not praising those who have good qualities

Faults of Not Overpowering

45. Not overpowering those on a perverted path

46. Not taming with miracles and higher perceptions those who must be tamed in that way