Upasni Maharaj getting out of a car on October 17, 1941 to meeting with Meher Baba


Upasni Maharaj walking to meet with Meher Baba

Friday, October 17, 1941 was a significant day in spiritual history. Upasni Maharaj and Meher Baba met in a secluded hut at Dahigaon, a village in Ahmednagar District. They had met after nineteen years, and for those who witnessed this meeting it was an auspicious day since it was Guru Dwadashi, the twelfth day of the second fortnight of the month of Asho, which, is dedicated to the Guru.


Meher Baba waiting for Upasni Maharaj


Meher Baba and Upasni walking and greeting disciples after their meeting.

F.H. Dadachanji records: Shri Upasni Maharaj during the last few years used to say that he earnestly wanted to see Meher Baba. On hearing such oft-repreated requests, Meher Baba told Guimai that he would see Maharaj alone and only once." It was their last meeting on the evening of October 17, On Christmas eve, December 24, 1941, at 3:30 a.m. Mahraj, who was in his seventy-first year, passed on.


What was said between the two Realizers comes from 'The God-Man', The Life, Journey and Work of Meher Baba with an Interpretation of his Silence and Spiritual Teaching by C.B Purdom 2010 edition.


These are the words of Meher Baba. p. 256

"Later on Maharaj sent word by Adi's mother Gulmai, "Soon I shall drop this body, so tell Merwan to come and see me. I said I would not set foot in Sakori, so a meeting was arranged elsewhere in a hut. We embraced each other and I put my head under his foot. He said, "You are Adi-Shakti" (The Supreme Power). He started weeping, and said to me, "Keep you eye on Sakori." Then we both went away, and three to four months later, Maharaj dropped his body, and Godavri was given charge of the nuns. Godavri was in the secret all the time but never said a word about me.

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The Biography of the Avatar of the Age
Meher Baba Volune Seven & Volume Eight 1940-1945
"I took his darshan. Avatar or not, he was my Master!"


A short biographical sketch of Upasni Baba


The Beloved, The Life and Work of Meher Baba, by Naosherwan Anzar, Sherlar Press, Inc. 1974, pp. 52-53.

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The Biography of the Avatar of the Age
Meher Baba Volune Seven & Volume Eight 1940-1945

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