Upasani Baba Maharaj
Shree Upasani Maharaj's Prophetic Announcement

The Following is from Sage of Sakuri, Life Story of Shree Upasani Maharaj, by Shri B. V. Narsimha Swami and Shri S. Subbarao.

Chapter VI, Sage of Sakuri

P. 190

In February 1939 Shri Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath#, Himalayas, paid a visit to Sakuri. He was greatly delighted at the religious life of the Ashram and as a token of his full satisfaction with the life and activities of the Kanyas, he presented several of them with religious books. He had long talks with Baba on the subject of Dharma (religion), the present chaotic condition of the Hindu Dharma, the need for its reform etc., and expressed his regret that holy men were helpless to advance its cause. Circumstances were such that only an Avatar will be capable of re-establishing Dharma in the world. This interesting talk of the Swamiji evoked a sympathetic response from Baba who burst out with a prophetic announcement of the future Incarnation and his work, mention of which will be made in the next Chapter.

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P. 203-204

In respect of religion, Baba is thoroughly conservative (almost reactionary in these days of free thinking). He never countenances the complete overthrowing of the tried old order in preference to an entirely new scheme of things, though he is not averse to making necessary alternations or modifications to meet the exigencies of the time. He takes his stand on the four Varnas (castes). These distinctions and differences in Hindu Society are not based upon social status, but constitute a course of graded spiritual training to lead one to the transcendental Advaitic state. They form, as it were, specialized channels for the progress of the individual souls in their march towards their spiritual goal. If this order does not function properly and a change is imminent, God does not require a reminder. Change in Dharma is the specified work of an Avatara and Lord Shri Krishna has emphatically declared that He would incarnate himself if and when Dharma is in chaos and needs reform.


'Whenever Dharma is in disorder

and Adharma rampant, Oh Arjuna!

then shall I incarnate Myself.'


Untouchability Baba explains on the basis of the Karma doctrine. It is for the expiation of some heinous sin in the past that the untouchables are obliged to be in their present state of wretchedness. It is better that they spend out their Prarabdha in this life rather than create more evil Prarabdh for the future by trying to avoid or escape from their present state. In this connection may be mentioned Baba's prophecy to Shri Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math in February 1939, mentioned in the previous chapter. Baba declared than an incarnation will shortly manifest Himself on earth in a European country. He will be all powerful and bear down everything before him. He will see to it that Vedic Dharma is firmly re-established in India.

From 'The Eternal One' p. 145
Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba.

In February 1939, the Indian Master, Upasani Baba, received a distinguished visitor at his ashram. The Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, head of one of the four principal monasteries founded by the sage Shankara, was welcomed for the Hindu feast of Siva Ratri (the "Night of Siva"). In the course of conversation, the Shankaracharya was lamenting the decay that he saw in the Spiritual culture of India. Tranported by sudden inspiration. Upasani Baba proclaimed that an Avatar "would soon be born in a European (meaning Western) country". "He will be all-powerful," Upsani declared, "and bear down everthing before him. And he will see to it that the Vedic Dharma is firmly re-established in India."*

*B.V. Narsimha Swami and Shri S. Subbarao, Sage of Sakuri, 4th ed, pp. 190-91, 204

The history of Jyotirmatha is extremely complicated. According to official accounts the Jyotirmath was extinct for about 165 years, before it was revived in 1941, under Sva-mi- Brahma-nanda Sarasvati-.
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