May  23, 2016

DB Sleeth, Psychotherapist and Author of The Integral Ego (University Press of America).

Vital, Peculiar and Solid Strategies

in the teaching of Adi Da Samraj


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Terry Patten an Integral visionary, devoted his early life to an American Spiritual Guru, Bubba Free John. Terry co-edited Garbage and Goddess, an early book by Bubba Free John which is no longer in print. Here, Terry talks about his early days - 1974-1975 - in the company of this extraordinary Spiritual Guru, Adi Da Samraj, then called Bubba Free John during a period now remembered as, The Garbage and The Goddess.

Early Days
Garbage and the Goddess

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Part One - Part Two

Part Two

What Do You Do With Emotions and Feelings?

Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John - 1973) responds to a question from a student about the tendency to either suppress, rise above, or exploiting emotional states....that shall you say are 'interfering'.

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"If you are ever going to establish a firm intimacy with anyone, you must deal with all these emotions and become emotionally clarified."

The Realization of Love - Changes All Emotional and Egoic Complexes - Ordeal of Self-Understanding


The Internal "Locks" of the Whole Body.


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Meg Fortune McDonnell

Meg Fortune McDonnell has worked as a writer and editor, international speaker, stage and film producer, schoolteacher, priest, war-time vigil correspondent, fine art photographic subject, event manager, dance teacher, personal assistant, legal aide, book indexer, caterer, and street performer. She is also a seasoned traveler, interior decorator, shoe collector, and amateur unicyclist. Meg currently lives in the hills of northern California’s wine country with her partner and many of the friends who populate her story.

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What does 'Aletheon' mean and where did it come from?

Video clip (14:14) of a longer interview with Frank Marrero on the history of theatre and it's origins in Eleutherios, Orpheus, the Greek mysteries and the Upanishads.



What is Attention?





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The Seven Stages of Life





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Saniel Bonder and Terry Patten

Terry and Saniel talk about Adi Da Samraj