Why Donate to the Beezone?

 Beezone, a nonprofit (501(c)3) public educational foundation established in 1998 


Why donate to the Beezone?

The first consideration before I donate to any organization or cause is to find out if it's credible, and the second consideration is, "where's the money going?" So, let me start with the first consideration "Is the Beezone credible?"

The Beezone is a legal nonprofit educational foundation centered in California. It's been incorporated since 1998 and received it's tax exempt charitable status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2015. So, is the Beezone credible? Yes.

Where's the money going?

From the inception of the Beezone in 1998, I have personally funded ALL aspects of the Beezone expenses personally. I have been fortunate enough to do so, because of my successful work experience but I am retired now and live on a fixed income.

The Beezone has grown and so has the platform (Web technology) it exists on. I was able to 'keep' up with the technology, to one degree or another, but the growth of the Internet has moved faster and far beyond my capabilities to provide the services I feel visitors to Beezone require.

It is time for the Beezone to mature into the 21st century. The Beezone needs to incorporate web based technology that will allow users to access information on all platforms (portable and non portable) in a searchable and user friendly way. Do to this, I need professional help to upgrade all aspects of the Beezone website. ALL donations given to Beezone will be used EXCLUSIVELY to upgrade the website and its performance capabilities. I require NO monies from the Beezone, 100% of the tax free donations will go to improving the web look and capabilities on Beezone.com alone.


 Mobile Beezone

 Beezone, a nonprofit (501(c)3) public educational foundation established in 1998 


The Internet is growing and so is Beezone. In the past year 40% of its visitors came through a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.

In order to serve the newer technologies of the Internet world Beezone needs to come into the 21st century by becoming mobile-friendly. In the present format Goggle Developers do not rank Beezone as 'mobile-friendly'.

Toward the end of 2015 Beezone has begun a project to convert it's massive website (over 2000 pages) to become mobile-friendly. We have hired website developers to convert the current static Beezone website to a mobile-friendly website by February 2016. The costs associated with this project NEEDS YOUR HELP.

According to estimates the cost of converting Beezone to a mobile-friendly website will be close to $10,000 (USD). I have already paid 20% of the initial costs but now need to reach out and ask our readers for help.

Here is an example of the work so far: The Seven Stages of Life

If you can help to any degree, your generosity will be greatly appreciated by all future visitors to Beezone.

Thank you for your time, interest and generosity.



Ed Reither, December 2015

Contributions can also be sent to:

548 Market St - 27905
San Francisco, California 94104-5401