The Discipine of Community

an Essay by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This is the human Law: Whatever responsibility you do not assume must be fulfilled and will be assumed by another. Whatever responsibility men and women in general do not assume will be assumed by an interest apart from their general interest.

If people do not resort to the true form of life, or the culture of intimate cooperation founded in human, religious, Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine Wisdom, which transcends the dominating power of the "news" (or the trend of the world when mankind is irresponsible), then those entities that have the controlling responsibilities will become mere manipulators and exploiters. When the people are irresponsible, the politics of mankind is reduced to international money politics, wars, and more "news".

Whatever people or institutions are in power will always seek to survive as themselves, unless they are made accountable to the people, or the true religious (and sacredly unified) culture of Man.

You must assume personal, intimate, and cooperative (or local) responsibility for your individual and collective lives. You must realize the unreality, essential unimportance, and even deliberate lie, or demonic force, that is the "news"—or the trend of events when mankind abandons the human, religious, Spiritual, Transcendental and Divine Wisdom-Way and cooperative human intimacy (or all the forms of cultural responsibility). You must begin a politics of mutual responsibility and creativity at the level of intimate, cooperative and cultural community. If you abandon your passive or ego-possessed individualism and become active in cooperation with one another, you will become essentially self-sufficient, free, humorous, and unexploitable.


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