Hardware, Software and Transcendence

Adi Da Samraj - 1982

This is an excerpt from a longer talk

The best thing to do, then, is to be uncomfortable. That is the one thing you do not want, though. Bottom line, nobody wants to be uncomfortable. Everybody wants to be comfortable. You do not want to use your greatest virtue, which is the virtue of discomfort and the capacity to transcend the spell. Instead of doing that you try to maintain a level of consolation and involvement with all this hardware and software so that you will not feel uncomfortable.

You cannot avoid that discomfort. It is essential to your conditional life. You must find it, locate it, and really use it. That is the best thing to do. Do not be angry and sorrowful and guilty and fearful. Rather, be uncomfortable — in other words not satisfied and not satisfiable — in the framework of ordinary living, and you will find me, you will hear me, you will practice. You will have the will to practice transcendence, and you will do it in your daily life and in meditation. But you will not have any energy and attention for that practice if you are not uncomfortable, if you are not dissatisfied. You will tend to settle for the dissatisfaction in the form of neurotic emotion, which is not a sufficient basis for practice.

At least this is the way it seems to me, but you know how Crazy I am! All I can tell you is the way it seems to me. The real import of all of this is not whether or not there is some order underneath it all, evil or good, whether there is some conspiracy or some creative cause. The real importance to be observed is the non-necessity of this experience and, from the conventional point of view, the binding power of this non-necessary experience. The real import of life is not to discover its hidden secrets, the secrets of its working, but to transcend it, to break its spell altogether.

Even though, as people in the world, we work to generally serve the well-being of others in this confinement and even to find out some of the secret workings behind it, even though we may do all of that as an ordinary matter, the fundamental motion of our proceedings, our energy, our consciousness, our attention should be founded in our essential discomfort and our will to transcendence. Therefore, whatever we may be doing, if we understand, we will be renunciates and practice Samadhi moment to moment and not be fools. Above all we will not be fools to ourselves. Whatever conspirators there may be elsewhere, we fool ourselves by becoming overserious about our apparition.

So, it is appropriate to have had this discussion on an evening on which we have all gathered together to watch TV!

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