Are You Satisfied or Are You Just Coping?

Adi Da Samraj


Have you had any experience that is totally sufficient? Do you like the experience you have, your experience altogether? Are you just coping? Isn't it a way of dealing with a situation that is not sufficient? Every moment of it.

It seems to you that there is nothing absolute you can do about it right now, nothing absolute you can do to be free of existence as mere coping and struggling with a state that is not completely satisfactory.

And this is what I'm saying. There is a Way, but I am talking about the difference between what is truly available to you in any moment and what you are experiencing.

In general, individuals cope with their given situation of existence. They do not even believe there is a sufficient state of existence to be Realized. Therefore, they seek, they make all kinds of arrangements, they cope. They do not even live the spiritual life, in general, certainly not even a true religious life. Instead, they are only coping and trying to make the best of life. No "best" comes of it, but they have no greater point of view.

Human beings are not experiencing Reality. They are experiencing a state of existence that they think they cannot do anything about in any absolute sense, and, therefore, they are coping with it. This is what human beings do. They establish their life, including philosophy, on the limited condition of existence that they suffer. They do not think there is anything absolute to be done about it, so they do what everybody does.

Therefore, in everything they do, people are just coping with their suffering, living as the self-contraction and seeking on its basis, all because they are not experiencing Reality, God, or Truth. They are not aware of Reality, God, or Truth. Instead, they are aware of their given situation, the apparent condition, which is a limit and frightening and poor, yet they have no sense that there is anything absolute they can do about it, and they do all the ordinary things people do.

Even if people get a whiff of something extraordinary to do in order to Realize What is Extraordinary, or Truly Real, the force of their own contraction tends to intervene, and they enter into the process in a mediocre, piecemeal fashion, still holding on to all their routines of coping.

If you are sensitive and of course you tend not to be very sensitive, because you are doing all kinds of things to desensitize yourself, but you can come to the point of real sensitivity-you can find out what you are doing that is preventing the Realization of Reality.

The human form exists in Reality. How could there be any argument about this? Everything exists in Reality. Whatever Reality Is, It Is, Already. If you examine yourself with great sensitivity, you find that you are not simply and merely existing in Reality. You are doing something. This is why Reality is not Obvious to you. If you were not doing that thing, Reality would simply be Obvious to you. You must find out what you are doing, and transcend it.

Adi Da Samraj

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