The following excerpts have been taken from a variety of essays and talks from Adi Da Samraj covering over 30 years of his teaching demonstration.

This style of presentation is called the 'White and Orange Books" project and is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein's Blue and Brown books. The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein's were dictated as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935. I have been collecting materials from Adi Da that I find would be suitable for the same format.


Still arguing After All These Years?

Still Confused?

Can't Figure it Out?


Excerpts from writings and talks by Adi Da Samraj


The ego-"I" is always seeking and arguing - because it is inherently dissociated from Reality Itself, Truth Itself, and Real God. The ego-"I" is inherently dissociated, dissatisfied, "self"-deluded, and un-Free. Whether the ego-"I" argues for scientific materialism, or conventional "God-religion", or anything at all, its argument is merely mummer's talk-or the "talking" form of what is, in some "religious" traditions, called "sin", and which is best described simply as egoity itself.

You all must know that Reality exists, that I'm here. You experience it sitting here with Me. Its proven in your own experience by sitting with Me here this evening. Its not merely an argument in verbal form. But you're always arguing with yourselves, as if you don't have a greater impulse and a greater experience. You feel obliged to be conventional, to play Johnny Carson, the guy who doesn't know how to do anything, you know.

But do not come to me and start arguing. Where is your impulse? Where is your discipline? Where is your intelligence? Where is your understanding? Where is your capacity to be human, manly, male or female? Where is your endurance? Where is your use of this great heat of self-frustration? The heat of self-frustration is the energy of meditation. It is the seat of meditation. It is the Heart.

You must make your life on the basis of this Revelation. Practice this devotion to Me, Ishta-Guru-Bhakti, and endure the Yoga of My Descent, My Imposition, My Appearance, My Blessing. That simplifies all and makes the course brief in fact, if you get down to it and stop arguing with Me and stop "guruing" yourselves, and accept Me as your Guru and live the Yoga, endure My Imposition, be willing to go through the process of purification, be willing to straighten out your life, handle your life-business as a basis for receiving Me. This is what it takes.

The signs of a cultic community are just as obvious as the signs of the ordinary man. People involved in the cult of some Guru or some teaching are fixed in attitudes of identity, endlessly communicating from the point of view of a fixed identity, so they are endlessly anxious about those who do not believe as they do, who do not have the same cultic fixation they have. It makes them anxious if people don't have the same point of view, the same attachment, the same imagery. So they are always very defensive. They are always defending their practice, their point of view, they are always arguing the lackings of non-believers or those who have not yet been acquired to their cult.

Day after day it's like arguing with people who do not have any interest in doing this, even though people are here ostensibly to do it. Then the way it turns out is that fundamentally I don't have anybody to live the process with. I have people willing to have me discuss it with them, and there are people who are willing to entertain certain common, garden variety aspects of this Way of Life, at least for periods of time, but this great affair that I'm describing, you see, is absolutely uncommon, just hardly happened to anyone. Happened in the case of anyone. Hardly ever in the whole history of the world.

The Way that I Teach, therefore, is not based on the method of proposing and arguing that is typical of the path of Advaitism. The Way that I Teach is founded on a Confession that is clearly like the Confession of Adepts of the Advaitic path. It is the same Confession made by Realizers in the Advaitic Way and the same Confession made by Realizers or seventh stage Adepts in the Buddhist Way. I Confess the same Truth. It is a Confession founded on Realization. I do not propose that Truth to you merely as a principle to be believed. I call you instead to observe, to consider to the point of understanding, and to transcend what you are doing and what you are tending to be, what you are and what you presume by convention, so that what Is will simply be obvious, rather than merely proposed or believed to be the case.

All that blah-blah-blah about your character or your case makes absolutely no difference. At times it is relatively easy, or a relatively straightforward matter, for you to maintain discipline, and then at other times it is difficult, and you give yourself arguments, somehow or other, verbally or emotionally, for not disciplining yourself. What you must do at those times when you feel it is difficult to discipline yourself, or when you are arguing yourself against it, is always remember to discipline yourself.

That may sound sort of silly, but that is exactly it. Do not spend any time arguing with yourself one way or another as if there is a justification for not disciplining yourself at those times. You are just experiencing part of the karmic movement of your own functional life. It is producing a tendency at that moment. Do not take it seriously. It is not there to be taken seriously. I am here to be taken seriously. Give Me your attention. Pass through and endure the period of feeling inclined to be undisciplined. That is tapas.

What difference does it make what your tendencies are? They are all garbage. You are just arguing. You are projecting your tendencies and pretending they are an obstacle. They are not an obstacle to the religious life. They are the stuff to be yielded, that is all.

I am not calling people to look for God, nor am I arguing them into believing in God. I have simply come among you all. And when I come into contact with people, suddenly God is obvious. But that is not the end of it. That is the beginning of it. From the conventional point of view God-Realization is the end of everything. But it can only be the end of everything once you have gotten rid of everything. In our Way God-Realization is the beginning of everything. Therefore, people who come into my Company must be instructed about what they must do now. They must not merely luxuriate in the free gift of Divine Intoxication. They should luxuriate in it, certainly, but not only luxuriate in it. They should enjoy it, they should become completely immersed in the miracle of God-Realization in my Company, but they must be instructed about what their obligation, their practice, must be.
When you find Me out further, you will prove the Way of the Heart by doing it, not by believing it merely. But you must do it and stop arguing with Me about it and stop piddling your life away in what you call the "communities of the Way of the Heart" in My Company. They have not even begun to be anything remotely like that. Authenticate them. Make them right. Live the Way of the Heart really.

Be strong, strong with yourself, strong with others. Stop bullshitting. Stop adapting to the world, and adapt to Me. Wake up. Stop being a fool. Stop being stupid. Am I right or not?

Are you afraid of being possessed? That is the Yoga. To realize God you must be utterly possessed by God. Mark My Words.


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"The perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no difference between us"
Tripura Rahasya, Chap XX, 128-133





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