Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj) - 1973

Understanding and Our Primary Activity

There two aspects appearing side by side in the Knee of Listening; the yogic or phenomenal aspects, and the teaching relative to understanding. They appear side by side throughout my life, throughout my teaching work. And by this you must see that what I mean by understanding is not simply some sort of philosophical calm or, you know, way of feeling somehow free of your own movements in a philosophical way. Though a life of understanding cannot be separated from yogic transformation. There is no understanding without yoga. It is simply that yoga, or the process of our internal mechanism, our fundamental mechanism, is not the principle or point of view of spiritual life. But the way of understanding spontaneously manifests the yogic transformation, or true functional transformation of consciousness in life. It's just that the principle of spiritual life is understanding in Satsang. Its phenomena are these transforming yogic phenomena.

What understanding reveals is a primary seemily unconscious activity, the prior activity in consciousness. And what is the nature of that primary activity? It has two aspects. The one is separation in consciousness, this continual realization in consciousness, of separation. And the other is contraction in life. And life and consciousness are not separable, but the peculiar qualities in which this activity within us manifests itself are a separative activity at the level of consciousness and contraction in the mechanisms or functions of life. So it appears always as identification, differentiation, and desire.

It appears as a separate self sense, it also appears as a knot in the navel. It always appears as contraction and separation. And I saw that perhaps we can think of this in evolutionary terms as the gigantic organic process of the universe manifests the human function, the human possibility, the psycho-physical entity that may or may not become fully conscious in all that it contains.

The next stage after the universal or organic production of this psycho-physical entity is for each manifestation of that type, that human type, to realize itself fully. And the process of understanding then, could be said in this sense to be the instrument or agent or process of the evolution of man. In other words in order for there to be humanity, the human function as well as what is above it, there must be at the level of each individual, real observation of this activity, understanding; as an individual process must take place. There can't be any wholesale sort of blessing into understanding. It must take place as a real activity in every case.

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