Recorded live in New Zealand May 23, 2016.

16 tracks, 1:51 minute audio download of Leelas is now available.


Hear and feel how Avatar Adi Da revealed His Divine Freedom from the beginning in 1972, Heart-Attracting us to become His devotees. Then over the years how His Blessing Gifts served to increase our devotional recognition. Full of Satsang and important lessons.

Most profound sacred history of Divine Revelation, Divine Play and Divine Humor. Includes all the important details revealed in telling His Divine Leelas all over the world.

This is an audio book of Leelas, or true stories about Avatar Adi Da Samraj. They begin before the first ashram opened in 1972. These Leelas tell the stories in details of how Avatar Adi Da awakened ordinary people into devotees of Real God. These Leelas are based on the awakened recognition of the prior Unity of Divine Reality. They are full of lessons of self-understanding and brightening heart-joy in finding the truth about God, the truth about life and death. The truth of prior Happiness which is the true Condition of all, prior to the ego-I act of separation.


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