The Soul's Journey

This book contains a composition of several descriptions of the Inner Realms – which each soul has to pass on its journey back to its True Home – and some experiential reports by disciples of Kirpal Singh.

All these texts show, that the Way of Sant Mat is a practical one and that the sincere seeker after Truth may have indeed an Inner Experience of the God-Power as they are described by Kirpal Singh and other Saints.

May this book serve all those, who have received a so-called initiation by false master, in order to realise where they stand and what they have received in fact: the True Initiation or just mere words and promises.

From the experiential reports it appears, that even today, many years after the phyiscal departure of Kirpal Singh, souls receive the True Initiation and may enter the Path of Sant Mat. As soon as the True Initiation is granted, they are given an Inner Experience of the Light and Sound Principle at the very first meditation sitting and they get a demonstration of how to put into practice the meditation exercises in the right way. The Living Master is their constant companion and protects them day and night.

This book is no alternative for the teachings of the Saints, but it gives a clear overview of the Inner Journey of the Soul back to its Home – the Abode of the Almighty.

Those who have communed with the Word,

their toils shall end.

And their faces shall flame with glory,

Not only shall they have salvation,

but many more shall find freedom with them.

ap Ji I Finale


those who hear of this power

or approach it

will neither die nor be born again!

Granth Sahib

May Kirpal show mercy and grant the sincere seeker after the truth a first hand experience of the God into expression power, wich reveals itself as the Light of God and the Voice of God (the Sound that comes from the right side).

0laf Redeker-Mitterer

Introduction about the Creation

According to the teachings of the Adepts of Mysticism (Saints, Masters of Truth, Murshid-i-Kamil or Pir) there are three main divisions. The Adepts of Mysticism report to us that the exploration of the inner realms is the hereditary title of each soul; and if we do not go inward, in order to cross these realms, this will be our fault. Kabir, the Indian poet and Saint described these regions in his scriptures. They were also described by Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikh religion, Soami Ji and Baba Jaimal Singh Ji, two highest Adepts of Mysticism in the 19th century and also by Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji in the 20th century and his spiritual successor Param Sant Kirpal Singh in the 21th century.

For this purpose it is most appropriate to subdivide these regions into three main divisions of the cosmic plan of creation:

1.— the purely spiritual region;

2.— the spirituo-material region;

3.— the materio-spiritual region;

The materio-spiritual one is the main realm which is the closest to the physical universe. The central source of power of this materio-spiritual region has become known as 'Sahasdal Kanwal' (thousand-petalled lotus) in the 0riental terminology, and it is this source of power from which the whole physical universe gets its driving energies. This third main realm has been termed 'astral level' in the western occult literature and in the theosophical scriptures. In this astral realm the scale of time is smaller than in the second spirituo-material realm, but much bigger than in the physical universe.

At the end of a shorter cosmic cycle of life, which lasts, however, many million years, it will vanish into the realm of the 'Universal Mind'. This is where the heavens of most of the religions of the world are located. Here one can find the heaven of Christianity, the Paradise of Islam and the Swargas of Hinduism. These 'heavens' are really beautiful, but they are also subject to the final dissolution.

The beginning of the mystical path of love, the way back to our True Home, however takes place at the lowest level of creation, which comprises our entire physical universe: all the planets, suns, stars, solar systems, galaxies and cosmic systems — whether known to current astronomy or not. Matter in our physical universe is in its rawest, densest form with a tiny addition of spiritual substance which is just enough to enliven matter and to preserve life.

The physical structure of our universe is the lowest projection of a cosmic idea, which is guided by the medium of the universal mind. The whole physical universe with its millions of galaxies that are a vast number of light years apart from one another, is just like a dust particle if compared to the inner realms beyond it.

Guru Nanak describes the three grand main divisions as follows:

The first is the 'Region of Truth and Pure Spirit' unmixed with matter.

Ramkali M. 5

Here the spirit reigns supreme and there is total absence of matter. This is the region where the Lord Himself dwells and may be defined as the purely Spiritual Region. This is free from the haunt of death and destruction. Whoever reaches its domain, obtains true salvation.

The Master says:

Once you reach the region of the Formless, you obtain the abode of everlasting Joy and Peace.

Sorath M. 1

The Formless dwells in the Pure Spiritual Region.

Jap Ji, Stanza 37

The Second Grand Division consists of Pure Spirit and a subtle form of matter combined in varying degree.

The upper part of it is called Par Brahmand, wherein the spirit is more to be compared with the subtle forms of matter. In the lower parts called Daswan Dwar, both (spirit and matter) are in equal part. This is the region of the Universal Mind and is termed by various names by various Master. Here the spirit is mixed with matter in its subtlest form, the latter being totally subordinate to the former. Spirit in this region predominates and it is preeminently the ruling force. This region undergoes a change at the destruction of the universe in the Dissolution (Pralaya1). A man in this domain is safer than in the one below it.

Explanation: (1) In the Pralaya the material world is dissolved. In the Maha Pralaya the spirituo-material worlds are dissolved.

The third region is the Grand Division of spirit and matter in its grossest form and it's called "And". It is comprised of Trikuti and Sahasrar planes. It is the sphere of Maya or matter. In this region matter has the upper hand and spirit is subordinate to it, so much so, that the latter feels dependent on the former for its manifestation. In this region the spirit, on account of its association with matter, undergoes untold miseries and is subjected to the law of transmigration.

Both these divisions are referred to as Kal and Maha Kal respectively.

This, in brief, is a sketch of the Macrocosm - the Great World Universe as Guru Nanak has described it. These three divisions also exist in man on a miniature scale. If you want to know about macrocosm, you must first know about the microcosm.

Man is an Epitome of the Three Grand Divisions of the Creation

1. Spirit or the soul, represents the region of the spiritual division.

2. Mind or the mental plane, refers to that of the universal mind.

3. Physical body or the material planes, consist of three bodies: the causal, the astral and the gross.

* The gross body is the fleshy sheath we have. It consists of the gross matter and gross organs of actions and senses: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and excretory and generative organs. It is shaken off at the time of physical death.

* The astral body consists of subtle matter and subtle organs and it active in dreamland state. In this is located the mind.

* The causal body is the root cause of the other two bodies. Its activity is confined to the deep sleep state.

The latter two bodies along with the mind continue to exist after death and create a new form or physical frame at each rebirth. Macrocosm thus exists in the microcosm of the human body. The knowledge of the latter serves as means to the comprehension of the former.

If one could succeed in attaining the Region of the Spirit within himself, by shaking off these sheaths, he can cast off all pain and misery and enjoy incessant Bliss and Peace untold.

A life of matter is all misery which one cannot escape until one is able separate oneself from it.

The attainment of the Region of Spirit then is the thing that is required, for it can lead to the abode of Perpetual Joy and Supreme Happiness, even while living in this physical body.

It is only by riding the current of the Holy Naam, (the Eternal Music in man), that this state is reached, with the help of the True Master. The Holy Naam - the Word - comes down from the highest spiritual planes, the region of Truth, into the material planes.

It is the saving lifeline that can carry souls into the plane beyond the reach of dissolution. All other means fall short of the goal.

The kingdom of God is within you, you may seek it there. It is within your finite body that communion with the Word can be held. This ultimately brings you to the Region of Infinite Truth - Sach Khand.

Possibility of Communion of the Microcosm

with the Macrocosm Regions

Now we will see whether there is possibility of communion between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Man is an epitome of the macrocosm. There are in Man nerve centres, lying in a dormant state, and these can be quickened by the practice of the Divine Word - the Sound Principle.

There are six reflex centres in the Pind or the body, corresponding to the six centres in the Brahmand or Cosmos. These, in their turn, are reflections of those in ParBrahm or the purely spiritual region.

The lower six centres are the ganglions at the rectum, the generative organ, the navel, the heart, the throat and the sixth midway between the eyebrows, which is called Til or Ajna ( see stanza XXI of the Jap Ji) and is the seat of the soul in man.

It is from here that the spirit current descends into the body, giving life and strength to the physical frame and its respective limbs. This spirit current plays an important part in the nourishment of the body and if this is cut off from any part, it loses all vitality and forthwith ceases to function.

The six centres of the Brahmand and of the spiritual regions are also to be found within us. When the spirit current is brought into play with these centres, one can have contact with their corresponding planes.

Guru Nanak says:

Pilgrimages, austerities, mercy, charity and alms-giving,

cease to be of any consequence,

when one gets an ingress into the Til2 - the Inner Eye;

Communion with and practice of the Holy Word,

with heart full of devotion, procures admittance into the Inner Spiritual Realms,

washing away the dirt of sins at the Sacred Fount3 within.

All virtues are Thine, oh Lord; I possess not one,

There can be no worship without practicing the Holy Word.

From Thee has emanated the Bani or the Holy Word,

which is the path to salvation;

Thou art Truth4, enchantingly sweet, and my mind yearns for Thee :

Jap Ji, Stanza 21

Explanation: (1) Til. it literally means the mustard seed. Here it is usedfor the ganglion between and behind the two eyes. Hindus call it Shiv Netra or the Third Eye. In the Gospel it is termed as Single Eye. The Sufis call it Nukta-i-Saveda. It is the seat of soul in man. It is the first stage where the soul collects itself and is enabled to rise in the higher spiritual planes. Guru Ram Das, in this context, says. "Mind wanders away every second as it has not entered the Til. " Bhai Gurdas has given a beautiful description of it in his Kabits and Swaiyas Nos. 140, 141, 213, 265, 269, 270 and 294. Kabir has also referred to Til, in his Dohas or couplets. Tulsi Sahib, tells us that mystery of God is revealed only when one penetrates behind the Til. (2) The Sacred Fount of Nectar is the Amrit-saar or Amritsar in man. It is not to be confused with Amritsar, the sacred pool founded by Guru Ram Das (4th Guru) and completed in the time of Guru Arj an (5th Guru). The Sacred Fount, here referred to, by Nanak, is situated in the third spiritual plane, called the Dasam Duwar. The Mohammedans call it Hauz-i-Kausar and the Hindus term it as Prag Raj. It is here that the pilgrim soul gets it's real baptism and is washed clean of all impurities and regains its pristine purity. (3) Truth or Sat Naam resides in Sach Khand, which is the highest of the five spiritual planes, where the Formless One dwells. This is explained in the stanzas assigned for the various planes at the of the text.


The Way through the astral Realms

If one rises above the body-consciousness, one initially is situated in And (the Third Grand Division), surrounded by matter. Afterwards one has to rise into the Bramand, the region of the Universal Mind. There one feels much better, but still one is not immune from endangerment or vitiation. The first region or safe haven is Sach Khand, or the Domain of Truth, which is inaccessible for Maha Kal or the Grand Dissolution.

Thus Guru Nanak says:

In the body itself there is everything: the spiritual region, the heavenly plateaux and the material planes. In the body dwells the Lord Supreme Who nourishes all. In the body lives the Formless, the Inconceivable, beyond the human ken. Those who have material eyes only, seek Him in vain, in outward things. In the body there are the Priceless Jewels of Divinity. In the body there are all the material realms and planes. In the body is the treasure of the Holy Naam, reached only trough meditation on the Word of the Master. In the body are all the gods: the Brahma, the Vishnu and the Shiva, and the whole creation itself.

Rag Suhi M.3

Another Saint says:

Brahmand is in man on a miniature scale, and whoever seeks it, will find it. Oh Pipa, the highest truth may be realised only through Master.

Dhanasri Pipa

This very truth is also enunciated by the Muslim Saints who state:

Macrocosm is in the microcosm and thus you get to God.

In the Human body, we trace the three divisions referred to above on a miniature scale.

The mystic path of love has its starting point in human consciousness when the aspirant has fixed his attention on the centre of the third eye between and behind the two eyebrows. The third eye possesses its own brightness, which is vitalized by the soul's own light, and it's therefore independent from outer light, contrary to our eyes of flesh and bone.

If your two eyes become single, thy whole body shall be full of light.


Saint Augustine tells us of the manifestation in him of the Light in this way:

I entered even into my inward self. Thou being my Guide and able as I was: for Thou were become my helper. And I entered and beheld with the eye of my soul (such as it was), above the same eye of my soul above my mind, the Light Unchangeable. Not this ordinary light which allflesh may look upon, nor as it were a greater of the same kind, as though the brightness of this should be manifold brighter, and with its greatness take up all space. Not such was the light but other, yea, far other from all these... He that knows the Truth, knows what that Light is and he that knows It, knows Eternity.

By the mercy of an Adept of Mysticism the aspirant was given a simple method to rise above body consciousness and thereby enters into the inner regions. First he closes his outer eyes and sees with his inner third eye. He also closes his outer ears and hears with his inner spiritual ear.

If these things have been achieved, the stream of consciousness which is diffused in the whole body will withdraw and concentrate in the centre of the third eye. The body itself is getting insensitive thus increasing the aspirant's consciousness of his soul, his real self.

This is the initial stage of that which the Adepts of Mysticism call Turiya Pad, i.e. the fourth stage of existence, the stage of transcendental consciousness or super-consciousness.

Be strictly on guard when doing practices. Pranas or breathing is not involved in any way. You should also have no consciousness of the body whatsoever. Master-Power is over your head and will be extending all feasible help. When you hear a mingling of many sounds within, please try to discriminate which Sound is coming from the right side. The Sound will come nearer and ultimately will come from above and you will hear It much clearer.

Spiritual Elixir p. 166


At the beginning the disciple of the Adept of Mysticism was given a Simran (a repetition exercise or loving remembrance of the charged names of the Lord) of five words in order to rise into the spiritual realms. He collects the whole stream of consciousness - mind and soul - in the centre of the third eye, and the mental repetition of the five holy words will help him to achieve the desired aim and he notices that his consciousness withdraws from the physical world.

Simran helps in the withdrawal of spirit-currents from the body. In Simran lies the seed that helps in the development of the soul.

Spiritual Elixir p. 184

Simran makes man introspective and concentrative. Extraordinary powers inevitably follow as a result of the concentration of mind in the inner planes.

Spiritual Elixir p. 184

Simran is a weapon against all dangers. It acts as a password to all spiritual planes. It gives strength and sustenance to the body and mind during trouble and affliction, and brings the soul near the Master.

Spiritual Elixir p. 184

According to the individual case his first view at the astral realm can differ...

The manifestation of the eye within which is two or three times the size of the normal eye is auspicious, as it is that of the Master. It should be penetrated lovingly while fixing your inner gaze intently in its middle and repeating the sacred charged Names mentally, when it will burst to give you further way up, in due course with His grace. It is possible that you may be blessed with the full size charming Radiant Form of the Master, which usually follows this manifestation. Please repeat the sacred Names to test its genuineness as sometimes the negative forces interfere and the charged Names are the sure criterion for testing the genuineness of the inner form.

Spiritual Elixir p. 188

The lowest astral level is a location of unbridled desires, a true hell, into which the spoilt and brutish people will get after death. In these dark and horrible surroundings evil beings will harvest the fruit of their evil deeds on earth. This is not the eternal hell of the books, but a venue of punishment and final liberation.

The devotee may cross the lower astral regions by the loving mercy and protection of the Adept of Mysticism, though they might be shown to him as a reward sometimes.

At this lower astral region there are further steps on which the environment is steadily improving. Some are full of the best amenities with a wonderful scenery and places of rest for common people who are waiting for reincarnation onto earth.

On the natural way everyone will first see Light. This will first be stationary, then brighter and will burst to give way for one to pass through it and up. One may see scenes, figures, colours etc., but to stay long with them will only delay spiritual progress. One usually has to cross sun, moon or stars, but they give way in similar manner to allow one to pass onwards.

Spiritual Elixir p. 166

After the aspirant has passed these lower regions quickly, he will travel through a genuinely astral region, which is studded with bright suns and stars.

He can hear the Sound Current as a never ending melody and during his ascent to the star-spangled sky he passes a sun and a moon which seem to dissolve or burst when he travels through them.

Question: What's the explanation of the different colours of lights that are seen in meditation?

Answer by Kirpal Singh: No book will give you, I tell you. But there is a reason for it, there 's reason for it. That depends on the inner development, backgrounds, some dominating attributes in his life, you see. That's the cause of all the different colours. So, yellow, golden light is spiritual; pure white light is also..., this is spiritual; red light, you willfind, where at least there 's some pushing attitude. These are different stages, different colours, different sounds also.

Question: Are they different lights for different people or are they the same progression of lights for everybody?

Answer: Those who have got background, they go up -further. Those who have to start, there's a regular way. They will see the sky; they'll see stars, the big star, then transcend it; then moon comes, then transcend it. Those who have got the background, they start all at once from there - that's it.

Question: Yes, I'm just thinking, every morning in here, when we meet, everybody seems, sees various lights and ah, we seem to be about on the same level, many of us.

Answer: (not clear: there are samples). Some they know. There is one who sees two Masters, Master Sawan Singh (Interruption from the interviewer: That, of course, is beyond most of us). Not Beyond. I get letters [saying Master appears within]. Of those who are regular, they have it. They talk too.

Question: Blue light, the blue light, you didn't touch on that. Everybody seems to see the blue light. What's that?

Answer: That's the first - a loving attitude. You see. The picture of Lord Krishna, blue, you see, yellow, blue, that's light, I mean golden light, these are three. Outer form you see. His face is blue, ropes are yellow. That's showing the combination of different developments.

Question: So, so really when you start to meditate, you should try to get at that golden light as rapidly as possible?

Answer: You cannot visualize, you see. That comes of itself. When you reach that plane, naturally that point comes, but that is (as I told you), that is where Master's form manifests.

Question: And, and these lights just seem to stay for a short time. Will that increase as time goes by?

Answer: By regular practice, regular practice and that time is increased only, the longer you can stay in whatever you see, continuously without break. The more progress will also be there.

Interview by R. Redeen with Param Sant Kirpal Singh


These star bodies are not like the physical stars, planets and satellites we are familiar with from our physical universe but they are much brighter and more radiant than our celestial bodies.

I am glad for your holy meditations wherein you are blessed with the celestial manifestations of sun and moon within, and hear the Holy Sound Current of bells and drums almost at all times with the grace of the Master.

Spiritual Elixir p. 166

Now the aspirant can hear the melody of a heavenly bell and becomes absorbed by its harmonious sound.

[...] The Holy Sound Current or the jingling of bells as coming from the right is correct and should be listened to with rapt attention. It will draw closer, grow stronger and ultimately come from above.

Spiritual Elixir p. 135

Then, the aspirant will hear the melodies of a conch and will be completely penetrated by its music.

[...] Conch sound resembles that one coming out as a result of blowing in the form of a long, continuous sweet mellow sound.

Spiritual Elixir p. 178

[...] You should not follow Sound to the place from where it comes but stick to your place at the back of the eyes and listen to the Sound coming from the right side. In this way, the Sound will draw closer, grow stronger and ultimately come from above.

Spiritual Elixir p. 179

When the disciple advances further and higher, the longing soul will get more and more aware of the Sound Current (Holy Word) or the audible stream of life, the incomparable and inscrutable word that preserves the entire creation from the realm of pure spirit down to the material realm.

This God-into-expression Power exists as the Stream of Life, changing Its form and tone from realm to realm and yet being always the same in Its original nature.

As Guru Nanak states, the practice of connecting oneself with this unpronounceable Word (Light and Sound) is a prerequisite for the ascent on the mystical path of love:

By practice of the Word,

one speeds on to the Higher Spiritual Planes unhindered,

By practice of the Word,

one gets into the Spiritual Planes openly and honourably,

By practice of the Word,

one escapes the by-paths of Yama, the King of Death,

By practice of the Word,

one gets in close touch with the Truth.

Oh, great is the Power of the Word,

But few there be that know it.

Jap Ji, Stanza 14


When the aspirant further proceeds in the astral realm he is confronted with three ways:

1. The way on his left-hand side is a dark, disgusting region, where strange Rishis, Yogis and Adepts of a lower order are in the majority. This left-side way is the dwelling place of Kal, the Negative Power, the master of the realms of mind and matter. In some of the Eastern teachings Kal is also known as Brahma, and he dominates the fourth division as well as the lower regions of the third division of creation. Though the lower realms of creation are ruled by Kal, he still has to obey the divine laws of the Supreme Lord.

Modern theosophy and other current mystic movements assure that there is an 'inner government' of the world. And it is its main task to control the stream of power which causes the development of all races and nations and to contribute to improvement of the world at the same time. This concealed government lies within the sphere of Kal's competence.

The term of 'Kal' means time, hence Kal comprises in its existence past, present and future as they are understood by people in general. However, it is impossible to fix a cosmic point of time for Kal's origin or to predict its end.

Beginning and ending are unreal terms, created by man's outgoing faculties that detect an apparent beginning and an apparent ending in everything which happens in his surroundings. From the point of view of a higher consciousness we have to see that a thing which can be considered the beginning of an event in the physical world has happened unseen as a thought in the mental-astral realm, and above these realm there are regions which surpass time (or Kal) itself.

But nevertheless, it can be said that the duration of Kal ranges from one big cycle to an other whereas the universe composed of mind and material remains in its revealed form until it finally disintegrates.

The main task of Kal as the Negative (binding) Power in the creation is to bind mankind to the wheel of births and deaths; and the long-lasting upward struggle against the Negative Power is governed by the Supreme Master in order to liberate us from our sins and impurities and to prepare us for our Journey to our True Home, the Homestead of all Love and Blissfulness.

If the development of man has been accomplished by the wheel of rebirth his task in the physical world should be completed, but man's soul gets captured by the unending scenery of the down draging Negative Power.

Kal is the creator of the laws of nature which are to be obeyed by all as long as they live in the physical body.

In the lotus seventh hath Kal his seat, There shall thou jot Niranjan meet.


As the creator of the lower worlds, in most of the religious communities he is known as God. The hierarchical representatives of the lower, astral and physical plains of existence serve him loyally.

0nly the Adepts of Mysticism and Their disciples know of a higher God than Kal, and yet the Negative Power is worshipped by millions of people as the Supreme Lord of creation.

In comparison with the perfection of the True Supreme Lord of Love (known as Sat Purush in the Eastern terminology) Kal is only an assisting power in the hierarchy of the cosmic universe, and hence he is not completely free of imperfections.

However, in comparison with the majority of men, Kal is a sublime being, an incarnation of light, wisdom and power.

Kal's hierarchic representatives, known as Brahma's Incarnations in the East, are the Avatars and Prophets, whose mission are to incarnate themselves at any times in order to abolish injustice and evil, to protect the good ones and to punish the evildoers, and to establish righteousness throughout the world.

These Incarnations bring the promise of salvation to the righteous people; but this salvation is still bound to the time scale of the lower realms and is therefore not eternal.

The stream of Kal or time is endless to mankind in its course, but with the guidance of a Master of the highest order, souls can transcend time and space and ascend into the timeless kingdom of the Supreme Lord of Love.

Such an Adept of Mysticism does not belong to Kal's internal government, although He respects all those who play their roles in bringing order to the creation. But the Adept of Mysticism is an envoy of the Supreme Lord and has got the task to rescue souls and to accompany them into their True Home.

Thus out of the three ways the aspirant sees during his journey upwards through the astral realm, the inner region of Kal's rule is the path on the left-hand side.


In this region you can find thousands and thousands of Holy Men absorbed in deep meditation, enchanted by the intrigues and flattering of the Negative Power. Incarnations of lower spiritual powers, known as Riddhis and Siddhis (supra-natural powers) in Eastern terminology, are the guardians of these regions situated at the left side.

These incarnations are real and visible and equipped with an extended consciousness. Pitiless, and on guard they offer the aspirant great knowledge and physical power to prevent any further ascent of his soul, but they cannot withstand the Simran of the five holy names (the essence of which is the name of the Almighty) given by the Adept of Mysticism and they vanish when these names are uttered.

Man who stepped into the astral realm without the guidance of a Competent Adept of Mysticism are misled by these supra-natural powers, and many of the occult circles which grew like mushrooms from the soil in the 19th and 20th centuries get their inspiration from those Riddhis and Siddhis.

There are also millions of Prophets of higher or lower rank as well as incarnations of small deities and spiritual hermits who are stranded in these regions. Unless they are liberated from Kal's shackles through an Adept of Mysticism of the highest order, they cannot advance to the realm of pure spirituality.

No soul that has gone this way without the guidance of an Adept of Mysticism has ever reached the spiritual realm of pure love which is high above the materiospiritual ones. For the aspirant, however, who was initiated by a Competent Adept of Mysticism, the ascent is free of all hindrances.

2. The way which the aspirant can see at his right-hand side grants access to far higher universes which, however, end up in a blind alley.

3. The true main road of the Adept of Mysticism is the road in the middle, an immensely brilliant path which finally leads to the Kingdom of the Supreme Lord.

The aspirant proceeds on this shining way until he reaches the region of Bunk-Naal, which appears just before the mental and causal regions.

At the high plain of Sahasdal Kanwal, in the upper districts of the astral realm, the aspirant sees the Bright Spiritual Form of the Adept of Mysticism i.e. Guru Dev; and this is his first inner revelation concerning the true nature of his Spiritual Leader whom he only has seen in the shell of a physical body by now.

Tulsi Sahib, a highest order Adept of Mysticism, stated that in the inner realms there sparkles a bright light from the toe-nails of the Master and enlightens the soul of the devotee.


Maulana Rumi spoke about the experience of seeing the radiating form of the Guru Dev as follows:

When the Light of the Master dawns in the soul, you experience the secrets of both worlds.

Guru Arjan asserts:

The Sacred Form of the Master is in my forehead. Whenever I tap inside I see Him there.

And Khawaja Mueen-du-Din Chishti poetically spoke about this internal relationship with the Adept of Mysticism as follows:

Oh Master! The sun cannot withstand the splendour of Your countenance. Even the moon has covered its face to escape from Your Bright Light. In the person of Nabi (the Prophet) Himself, God has chosen a material form, just like the sunlight in the body of the moon.

Even the Christian writings have described the experience of the vision of the Radiating Form of the Adept of Mysticism very precisely:

And I did turn to see the voice that did speak with me, and having turned, I saw seven golden lamp-stands, and in the midst of the seven lamp-stands, (one) like to a son of man, clothed to the foot, and girt round at the breast with a golden girdle, and His head and hairs white, as if white wool as snow, and His eyes as aflame offire; and His feet like to fine brass, as in afurnace having been fired, and His voice as a sound of many waters...

Revelation 1, 12 - 15

Now, the Shining Shape of the Adept of Mysticism reveals the highest regions of the astral realm to the aspirant; and together with the Adept of Mysticism he proceeds into the region of Sahasdal Kanwal, the thousand-petalled lotus of cosmic energy, the power station of both the astral and the physical universes.

One thousand eyes hast thou, and one thousandfaces; Still art thou One.

Guru Nanak

When the spirit within did Flame resplendent spring, Then face to face with God Niranjan did it bring.

Guru Ram Das

Sahasdal Kanwal is a radiating, pulsating cosmos, and this bright region is illuminated by a central flame which possesses the most intense illuminating power of all astral realms. Numerous melodies and harmonies of enchanting beauty originate from this immense splendour, and those who are in this region believe in fact that they are in the ultimate heaven. And yet, they only stand at the first step of the grand, ascending main road of the Adept of Mysticism, of the Holy Shabd (the Sound Current coming from the right side), for only at this region, the real journey, guided by the Adept of Mysticism, begins.

When the human mind comes to the regions of Sahasdal Kanwal, it becomes clear that it has really slept over periods of innumerable incarnations and that it has been now awakened for the higher realms of the inner cosmos.

Even for the most advanced Yogis, Sahasdal Kanwal is the last and ultimate level, as the streams of life - called Pranas by Eastern Mystics and necessary in the Yoga practice - do not go beyond it.

This high astral level is incredibly vast and awe-inspiring, and the Holy Men who live here cannot understand that there are countless more beautiful and far higher spiritual realms beyond Sahasdal Kanwal.

But the disciple of an Adept of Mysticism has to ascend far higher in order to achieve real spiritual liberation.




Basically, there are two stages which have to be passed through, before the struggling disciple rises above body consciousness; and only then he begins to enjoy the spiritual exercises and finally enters the path of spirituality.

* At the first stage, the disciple has little or no knowledge at all of the self-examination and he is in a state of abysmal ignorance.

* At the second stage the disciple begins to realise that he has got numerous faults and weaknesses which have to be overcome before he can hope to go above body consciousness; that is when his true path begins.

This second stage, which is a long-lasting struggle with the lower inclinations of mind to most people, is called man-making. Spirituality or the ascent from the lower regions of existence to higher regions, where there is unspeakable delight and harmony, is not difficult, it is man's development that is so knotty.

There is no definite time limit to this second stage. Everything depends on the disciple's capability to discipline himself, to keep the Master's commandments and to develop affection for Him.

The arrogant self is the last hindrance that has to be overcome, and this is not possible until the soul begins to find itself; if it gets at least a glimpse of its real nature a natural humility will develop in the disciples as a result of it. Consider that this must not be confused with submissiveness. Real humility possesses power, and yet it is not arrogant.

Though the Master's gracious power is always present to help the disciple in his struggle, the disciple has to walk through this stage on his own. Nobody else can do it for him. You were put on the path and you were given something to start with being it more or less, depending on the background the soul has, which will stay with you on your further way.

A seed-corn was placed into you, which surely must bear fruit one day, and the Master in His subtle form of Light and Sound is your permanent companion. And He is really capable of revealing to you His wonderful, Radiating Form (Guru Dev), if you have learned to rise above body consciousness.

You need not expect getting into higher regions if you have not achieved a high degree of perfection. It is common to assume a duration of 20 years and more for worldly studies in order to get the necessary qualifications for a career.


How much more time and how much greater effort the initiate will have to put in in order to become an appropriate vessel for the truth of ones own soul and of God.

Some people have a very strange view; they expect self and God realization in a short time and with little effort, whereas the same people worry for years to get the pot full offood only this world has to offer.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

[...] Proficiency demands persistent and earnest efforts. Time factor is also necessary. Each bit laid for the spiritual edifice counts creditably for your inner journey. The Light of Life is in you; indeed you live by that very Light whether you realise it or not. Each one of you has had an experience of that Holy Light. Now you must live in constant contact with the Holy Light. It is uncreated and shadowless, eternally the same and peerless. The whole creation came into being by the same Light, and that very Light is shining in every heart.

Spiritual Elixir p. 188 a. 189


The Way through the causal Realms


When the aspirant goes beyond Sahasdal Kanwal, the negative powers ruled by Kal, are most severe.

Kal can neither create nor destroy a soul, neither give Light nor Sound, but he can keep souls traped in the causal and astral realms as well as in the physical region.

He captures man's soul with the chains of worldly pleasures and if a soul wishes to return to its eternal home, Kal releases all his powers to prevent this soul from its ascending.

But Sat Purush, the Sublime Lord of Love, is the Supreme Godhood and the Creator of all universes. The Perfect Adept of Mysticism is His incarnation, and He can safely guide the soul through Kal's regions.

Immediately before the aspirant reaches the atrium to the causal realm the soul encounters in the higher astral regions indescribably handsome men and beautiful women, who offer incredible temptations, to prevent it from its further ascent.

The protecting Shabd-power of the Adept of Mysticism will make these tempting astral entities invisible to the aspirant. No negative power can approach the charisma of Shabd (the Sound Current) which was given by a Perfect Adept of Mysticism.

When you see the bright star within, the day star, as Jesus puts it, just fix your inner gaze minutely into the centre thereof. This will give you penetration and away through the star and you will cross it. At times, the Master also appears over there. While hearing the Sound, please do not try to stick to it, but listen carefully to the Sound and gradually you will hear the Sound distinctly as that of drum-beat or thunder. The Master-Power is overhead and will be extending all possible help, grace and protection.

Spiritual Elixir p. 181a. 182


Maulana Rumi said about the protecting mercy of Pir (the Master):

Oh, courageous soul,

hold on to the garment of somebody Who knows the various levels well.

The physical, mental, supra-mental ones and the levels beyond it -

and Who as a true friend,

whether in life or death,

can stay with you

in this or the next world.

Now the aspirant prepares himself for the second stage of his journey upwards, but before he is able to enter the causal realm, he has to pass on an incredibly narrow path, a curved tunnel or a bent pipe, known to the Eastern Adepts of Mysticism as Bunk-Naal. Kabir said about this tunnel to the mental worlds that it had only one tenth of the size of a mustard seed. And he compares the mind to that of an elephant.

Guru Nanak also described this tunnel and compared it with a passage which is only one tenth of a hair's breadth. 0ther Adepts of Mysticism compared it to the eye of a thin needle. It is impossible for the aspirant to cross this tunnel without the assistance of a Competent Adept of Mysticism, but with the help of such a Master of Spirituality the path is broadened and the aspirant succeeds in ascending and descending without difficulties.

Thus, the initiated enters the causal regions through the U-shaped tunnel of BunkNaal. For some time the way forward is straight and even, but suddenly it drops steeply. After a downward bend it leads upwards again, and the initiated walks on an even path that leads to a region which is described as the seventh heaven in the Sufi literature.

If the initiated has reached the upper end of the Bunk-Naal tunnel his view and the whole perspective seems to be turned upside down, and he sees just like from the opposite side of the curtain or mirror which he has penetrated. Now he is in the second big division of creation known as Brahmand (egg of Brahm) in Eastern Mysticism.

0bviously, it is called Brahmand because of its elliptic form. In its totality it comprises the materio-spiritual as well as the physical universes, but it is much bigger than these two together, and, in fact, the three lower divisions of the entire cosmic creation can be perceived as a whole, the highest level of which is Brahmand, the spirituo-material division; in the centre there are the astral regions as the materio-spiritual section, and the lowest part is formed by the physical universe.

The residents of the causal regions are unspeakably happy, but after a long stay in Brahmand they are still subject to the final rebirth into the physical universe. Hence, they are not immortal as the liberated souls in the purely spiritual regions are, but they live during an immeasurable vast and longer scale of time than the beings in the astral and physical universes. Brahmand is ruled by Maha-Kal, which is also known as Par-Brahm in Eastern teachings.

Maha-Kal is the higher aspect of Kal and is located in the upper spiritual regions of Brahmand, just as Kal rules in the lower and more material regions.

In the lower regions of Brahmand the mental matter ranks first, for it is the level of mind, and mind itself consists of a refined form of matter and a certain amount of spirit.

The aspirant ascends to the lower levels of Brahmand and finds himself in the realm of the Universal Mind, known as Trikuti in Eastern teachings. This realm of Universal Mind was mistaken for God by a lot of metaphysicians and mystic theologians; however, to the Adepts of Mysticism and Their disciples this is only the initial stage of the second step on their journey upwards.

When the aspirant ascends to this region of Trikuti he hears a sublime melody that is very similar to a tonal expression of the word 0m. It is a lingering, roaring sound which is reminiscent of the thunder of storm clouds on earth, but it is full of an unworldly sweetness and harmony. This sound comes from the middle of the rolling sound of the Thunder of clouds. Here we have the four-petalled Lotus. The light is red like that of the early dawn.

Beyond that through the tunnel ofBunk The soul doth penetrate to where Most dreadful Kal hath cast his snare. From here doth to Trikuti spring Where ruddy is the glow

And word doth 'Onkar' sing.


Onkar created god Brahm, Onkar doth he adore, Onkar created Yugas (the cycle of time), Onkar revealed the Vedas

Guru Nanak

The seat of the will-power is located in Antah-Karan, the four-petalled Lotus behind the eyes, reflecting in the heart-centre. The mind acts from the four-petalled Lotus to the heart-centre and from there into the world.


(Hence it is perspicuous that the seat of Lord Shiva or the archangel Gabriel is the Heart-chakra, yet the eye of Shiva, the Shiv Netra or single eye is to find behind and inbetween the two eyebrows).

Trikuti is a level in which the soul can travel through a roaring planetary path, a literal way through pulsating celestial bodies. If the soul of the initiated looks upward into this direction, it arrives at a region of fortress-like buildings with high towers and minarets.

It will stay for some while in this region and it is filled with the features of devotion and belief, it sees itself as the master of the mental level.

The region of the fortress is the warehouse of the human karmas, the records of past and present. The law of karma, the irrevocable law of cause and effect, governs the whole tripartite creation of the causal, astral and physical universes.

Each human's individual karma determines his fate. The way and manner that someone has acted in his present and past courses of life determines what he is now. The Karmic law acts permanently, 'since a man is what he thinks in his heart'.

Which other way is there in order to conclude or release the Karmic debts of a man than the long and seemingly endless cycle of birth and rebirth? Part of the answer to this question is given in the fortress region of the causal worlds; but nobody can get there without a Competent Spiritual Guide. At the physical level it seems to be so that as soon as one has atoned for his past faults he creates new karma for himself and has to pay tribute to the law of cause and effect. Kal is sitting at the supreme judge's seat of the astral, causal and physical universes; he is the master of the karmas, and only an Incarnation can be authorized to change certain dispositions of Kal in order to release a soul from the wheel of births and deaths. Such an Incarnation is the Master of the highest order, known as Sant Satguru in Eastern terminology. As soon as such an Adept of Mysticism has taken an aspirant under His protection, this aspirant will be released from his link to Kal - the Negative Power (the binding power) - and after that his Karmic debts - part of which is released at the time of initiation - will be subsequently redeemed by the mercy of the Adept of Mysticism.

If the disciples reaches the fortress region by the mercy of the Adept of Mysticism, the germs of his past karmas will be destroyed finally, though his soul is still loaded with the fault of major impurity which was accumulated during many incarnations. During his stay at the region of the fortress the disciple looks over the high minarets and views vast dark clouds from which the roaring sound of cosmic thunder permanently resounds. Don't be afraid of the deep thunder in it, follow the sound of thunder, it will take you to the Master's feet.


If the purpose of his stay in the region of the fortress has been achieved, the initiated rises above the black clouds and recognize that the whole region is a grand cosmos of vibrating red light with a wonderful red sun in the centre of the sky which renders the carmine hue to the entire region. In addition to being the big warehouse of human karmas (a large stock which has accumulated in the course of millions of lives), Trikuti is also a region of knowledge. The three cosmic features of harmony, activity and inactivity have their origin in Trikuti and enabled the creation of the astral and physical universes. In Hindu writings, these three features are embodied by Brahma, Vishnu (Lord Krishna) and Shiva1 who are called Mahadev; Great God collectively.

Below the bright red sky that reminds of the most beautiful dawn one can experience on earth, the Radiating Shape of the Adept of Mysticism (the Master) is seen in still bigger glory and the initiated experiences the higher impulses of the Heavenly Shabd (Sound Current) in a way that goes beyond all his former experience in the astral and physical regions.

The initiate sees the cosmic form of a blazing four-petalled lotus of regnant red colour, which develops itself into various prodigious details and multifarious bright sounds, which become clearer and clearer the further he approaches the lotus. Now he can hear the mighty sound of a giant drum which is beaten incessantly, and its deep sounds accompany him at this stage of his journey upwards. If the initiated continues his way he will travel through the infinite space of the causal region and the melody of the drum is to be heard everywhere.

Now, the initiate fully understands the significance of the Heavenly Shabd, the Audible Stream of Life, the original power of which brought about the whole creation. The initiate rises on a pulsating star-studded path leading forward and upward and consisting of numerous suns, moons and stars that become visible and disappear again.

Words are entirely incomplete to describe this experience, for now the disciple completely recognises his absolute separation from the material universe and from the languages of the physical world. When he rises into the upper regions of the causal realm the initiated will get drunk with joy and bliss because of his newly won liberty. He hurries across glowing cosmic mountains and wonderful regions.

Below him, he can see wonderful gardens, where vibrating flowers are arranged in symmetric patterns to form a symphony of colours and sounds. Bright rivers and channels of the ethereal nectar of Brahm are meandering through this region, and, finally, the initiated approaches a huge, bright, shining ocean and crosses it on a bridge of light.

Explanation: (1) In the teachings of other Adepts of Mysticism they are known as arch angels Michael, Israel and Gabriel. (Crown ofLivep. 65).


Now he sees the awe-inspiring hills of Mer, Sumer and Kailash in front of him, the incredibly cosmic mountains that gave the region of Trikuti its name.

According to the Vedantic teachings of the old Rishis (holy men), who at their snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas meditated on the nature of the cosmic universe, this level of consciousness is the ultimate aim of spiritual striving.

However, this is only the second step on the mystical path of love, the path of Sant Mat.

Regarding that, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj states the following in a letter to His disciple:

The teachers from Brahmand, the Avatars ascent with the three Light-Currents, the three Gunas, wich arise behind the eyes. After they transcended Sarhans Dal Kanwal, the thousend-petalled lotus, they reach the second plane and end at the peak of the mountain Sumer and they cannot rise higher up.

0n the other hand those who practice the Sound-Currents resp. the Saints by means of the Sound-Current go upwards to the first plane, from there they go downwards through some kind of a tunnel to the second plane and from there further to the third and from there finally to the 8th plane.

Between the two exist the three following differences:

1. The Saints reach the eights stage where as the Brahmand-Avatars do not go beyond the second one.

2. The Saints use the Sound where as the Avatars voyage with the light or with the Sound of the second stage.

3. Because the second stage lies within the domain of "Kal and Maya" - and the covers of all three bodies, i.e. the physical, the astral and the kausal cannot be taken off until the third plane is reached - the souls of the Avatars are not that steady towards temptations. And hence they always come back again into this world in certain periods of time.

Hence the souls of the Saints are cleaned from all impurities of Kal and Maya or Brahm, their souls pace further on and from stage to stage they attain always more power, until in the eights stage they merge into the Highest Being, becoming 0ne with Him.


In this manner, you will understand that They never come back. All religions of the world - including Yogis, Yogeshwars, Gyanis, Prophets, Incarnations etc. - end at the second stage.

Humility and modesty sometimes become a danger for the inner journey of the soul if one has to finish his task quickly, because it is possible that the individual spirit leads us astray to his own fields and therefore delays our further progress - just like in this world. Hence avoid those who tend to hold you up.

Complete faith - without any wavering - one does not attain before the karma is washed away, which is done at the second stage.

Sawan Singh

Guru Nanak described this region of Brahmand as follows:

This much of the Realm ofDharma;

And now Gian Khand the Realm of Knowledge:

Countless its elements, air, water andfire, And countless Krishnas and Sivas,

And countless the Brahmas fashioning various creations

of countless forms and countless hues. Countless the Fields ofAction2, Countless the golden mountains3,

And countless the Dhrus4 meditating therein. Countless the Indras, countless the suns and moons,

and countless the earthly and stellar regions; Countless the Siddhas, the Buddhas,

the Naths, and countless the gods and goddesses.

Countless the Danus5 and the Sages, and countless the bejewelled oceans. Countless the sources of creation, countless the harmonies,

countless those that listen unto them, And countless the devotees of the Word,

Endless and unending, Oh Nanak, is this Realm.

Jap Ji, Stanza 35

Explanation: (1) Karm Bhumi: a place, where one is endowed with a free will, and reaps the fruits of his own actions. This world is termed as Karm Bhumi for here reigns the principle of action and reaction or cause and effect. (2) Sumer: the golden mountain seen in this spiritual plane by the devotees. (3) Dhru: A Saint proverbial for his steadfast meditation. (4) Danus: Demigods.

This glorious region is the realm of the Universal Mind through which the Supreme Lord created the cosmic universes. However, the Supreme Lord is not this Universal Mind, despite the differently phrased reports given by a lot of modern metaphysicians and mystics.

The Universal Mind is a projection of the will of the Supreme Being to reflect a part of Himself into His creation. Man, who is created in the image of the Lord also acts through his mind creatively, but he is not the mind.

Man is a living soul, a spiritual being of God's Spirit and on his Journey upwards the initiated striving for higher regions realises that the human mind is still much lower on the ladder of the inner universes than the spiritual aspects of the mankind, despite the wonderful functions and the creative power of mind.

Beyond this realm of universal mind there is that region about which Christ said:

But there is neither anything hidden that was not revealed, nor secretl y anything that you will never know.

The aspirant has to remain some time in this causal region, a realm of unspoilt joy, while his entire karmic burden is destroyed in the fortress-like region. The Adept of Mysticism orders him to meditate for some time in this causal realm in order to further clean his soul from impurities. If this purification has been achieved the Adept of Mysticism will encourage the initiated to proceed to the higher regions beyond Brahmand.

The ascent must be aimed at the super causal regions, which are known as ParBrahm (beyond Brahm) or Daswan Dwar (the tenth gate) in Eastern Mysticism.

The practice of the permanent Sound Current purifies all your sins and lusts and the karmic impressions of the previous births will be destroyed.

Finally with the light of self-knowledge and god-knowledge, one will rise into the Universal Consciousness, recognise Brahm and Par-Brahm and attain the Kingdom of God, the eternal inheritance, which is far above it.

By the mercy of a Competent Master the lost Word returns to Light and Life and is afree gift to every one who is chosen by Him.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

Those are fortunate who were recognized, selected and were initiated into the mysteries of the beyond, by being connected with the Divine Attributes of the Holy Light and the celestial Sound Current.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh


The Way through the super causal Regions

When the initiate leaves the region of Brahmand he passes through a huge inner space in order to arrive at the super causal region of Daswan Dwar where the ultimate purification of the longing soul has to take place. In Daswan Dwar, all veils and covers have been removed from the soul which then shines in its original glory. The Lord of Daswan Dwar is Rarankar. In this vast region the soul takes a bath in the cosmic lake of immortality which is known in the Eastern terminology as Mansarovar or Amritsar. 0nce released from its last impurities, the soul is longing for the blissful unification with the Supreme Lord of Love.

Guru Nanak wrote about this wonderful area:

[...] Next, the Realm of Ecstasy,

where the Word is enrapturing.

Everything created here is marvelously strange, and beyond description,

Whoever tries to describe the same,

must repent his folly.

Herein the mind,

reason and understanding are etherealised,

the self comes to its own,

and develops the penetration of the gods and the sages.

Jap Ji, Stanza 36

Guru Nanak stated that the spiritual lake of Amritsar is the only true place of the holy pilgrimage and which is found in every Hindu, Christian, Moslem, Sikh, in a believer as well as in an unbeliever of the Eternal Truth. It is a cosmic centre of spirituality where the longing soul is released from all its sins.

Some of the world's religions commenced at the super causal region, but these are the exceptions to the rule, for most of the social religious communities proceeded from the causal region with Kal or Brahm (there are different names) as their supreme deity.

In fact, mystics and their disciples who ascend to this refined level at which the spirit is mixed with substance in various degrees, are rare.


All the cosmic energy of Daswan Dwar has the structure of an eight-petalled lotus that is penetrated by Divine Melodies which remind you of string instruments (Kingri - an one-chorded Instrument) on earth. However, even here any comparison and conformity is absolutely incorrect, for the sounds of music at our physical level can by no means be equated with the grandeur of the Eternal Music, the Anhand Shabd, which can be heard endlessly in this high realm.

Guru Nanak once met some Yogis who were playing the kingri and said to them:

This is not the kingri that will deepen your contemplation. Play upon that kingri, Oh sadhus, which is part of the Anahad Shabd, the Unstruck Music, and which unites you with God.

The sound of the kingri is coming from heaven It is not the sound of any wordly instrument.

Kwaja Hafiz

In all hearts ringeth the music of the lute,

Its tunes exhilarate night and day,

Full rare are they who these enjoy,

Curb the mind, and by GuruGs grace enlightened be.

Guru Nanak

The spiritual Lake of Amritsar is also known as Tribeni, i.e. the confluence of three rivers of spiritual energy. These three cosmic streams of Love, Light and Power come down from the Lord in order to preserve and support the universe of universes.

The word proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

The outer Tribeni which is the junction of the three sacred rivers, the Ganges, Jumna and Saraswati, also is symbolic only of the inner Tribeni. The real rivers of spiritual currents of power, are inside, and so is Amritsar. The sages of old saw these things inside and named the outer objects after them, just to instruct us. It's only the inner Tribeni, as well as the inner Amritsar, that can cleanse the soul of its karmas. After bathing there, the soul becomes 'amar', or immortal, and does not have to reincarnate.

This is the true shrine of holiness where the higher seeking soul becomes immaculate and immortal after having had its bath of purification.


Now it has gone beyond its causal, astral and physical covers and there are no features of the lower three regions of mind and matter attached to it any longer.

Now, the immaculate soul brightly and radiantly appears in the light of twelve suns. It does not need to be reborn in the lower levels unless ordered otherwise by the Supreme Lord. It has tasted the nectar (Amrit) of the incomparable music and has gained a complete insight into the real nature of the creation.

In the realm of Daswan Dwar the liberated soul completely realises that it is love in its essence just like the Supreme Lord of Love Himself.

Those who succeed to this place are called Sadh; they have gone beyond the region of Trikuti (0nkar) which is equal to Lahut as called by the Sufis and to Hu in the Islamic theology. He has seen the soul in its original glory, after he, supported by the Adept of Mysticism, had released it from all covers, and he is now Trigunatit (beyond the three gunas: Satva, Rajas and Tamas, in which all human beings work according to their natural and native instincts); beyond the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether of which the physical world is composed); beyond the twenty-five Prakritis (subtle forms in varying degrees of the elements); beyond also mind and matter. In short, He is an adept in self-knowledge, or the art and science of spirit, and can, at will, disengage the spirit from various koshas (sheaths or caskets) in which it is enclosed like a priceless gem.

The greatness of a Sadh lies beyond the three gunas (as He is Trigunatit).

Godman,p. 19

By a process of self-analysis, He (a Sadh) has known the self or the spirit in Its real form - to wit, that it is of the same essence as God; and now He strives for Godknowlege.

Now, the soul really knows where the Supreme Lord reside and its most sublime desire is to consubstantiate with Him.

Concerning this state of consciousness the Adepts of Mysticism explained that nobody is a true theist before having realised this nature of God in himself. Until this great accomplishment is achieved, the aspirant relies on the statements of the Saints and sages.

In most of the writings of the world such an evidence has been recorded, but the reading of holy books, as desirable it might be in many respects, never can grant the individual a conscious experience and the perception of the Supreme Lord in him.

Referring to the external spiritual practices and comparing them with the internal search, Guru Nanak says:

Pilgrimages, austerities, mercy, charity and alms-giving,

charity and alms-giving,

cease to be of any consequence,

when one gets an ingress into the Til1 - the Inner Eye;

Communion with and practice of the Holy Word,

with heart full of devotion,

procures admittance into the Inner Spiritual Realms,

washing away the dirt ofsins at the Sacred Fount 2within.

ap Ji, Stanza 21

If the soul has taken a bath in the sacred fount within, the Lake of Amritsar, it joins other pure souls, which are known as Hansas (swans) in the esoteric literature, and enjoys the magnificent and enchanting beauty of this region.

Ninth lotus is in Daswan Dwar Par Brahm liveth there aloof.


Afterwards the soul rises to the higher levels of Daswan Dwar and at a certain stage it recognises the immense island, the kingdom (Achit Dip) at its right-hand side with its bright form of a twelve-petalled lotus and sees at its left-hand side the delightful region (Sahaj Dip) which presents itself as a splendidly designed ten-petalled lotus.

Then the soul reaches the first passage to a dreadful Tibar-Khand or Maha Sunn, the region of darkness.

At the entrance to Maha Sunn the highest esoteric knowledge about creation will be imparted to the soul. 0nly at this high spiritual level this knowledge is given, and it is never possible to proclaim it by means of spoken or written words at the lower levels of creation.

Explanation: (1) Til. it literally means the mustard seed. Here it is usedfor the ganglion between and behind the two eyes. Hindus call it Shiv Netra or the Third Eye. In the Gospel it is termed as Single Eye. The Sufis call it Nukta-i-Saveda. It is the seat of soul in man. It is the first stage where the soul collects itself and is enabled to rise in the higher spiritual planes. Guru Ram Das, in this context, says. "Mind wanders away every second as it has not entered the Til. " Bhai Gurdas has given a beautiful description of it in his Kabits and Swaiyas Nos. 140, 141, 213, 265, 269, 270 and 294. Kabir has also referred to Til, in his Dohas or couplets. Tulsi Sahib, tells us that mystery of God is revealed only when one penetrates behind the Til. (2) The Sacred Fount of Nectar is the Amrit-saar or Amritsar in man.

If the soul has absorbed this knowledge in itself, it will begin, accompanied by the Adept of Mysticism, its way through the big Maha Sunn, which is another emptiness of unbelievable darkness.

Just as fish is drawn with the fishing hook So is soul taken through Maha Sunn By the force of Satguru 's own attention.

Tulsi Sahib

Only by merging His own soul

does the Satguru draw the disciple's

soul beyond the region of birth and rebirth.

Guru Nanak

When the soul reacheth Maha Sunn The Satguru is there to accompany thee And take thee across.


In this depressive region, Maha Kal, the highest form of the Negative (binding) Power, has put a billion deterrent obstacles in the way of the seeking soul. 0nly that soul which has once crossed this black emptiness with the assistance of an Adept of Mysticism can pass Maha Sunn freely from then onwards. Countless souls, each one shining with the brightness of twelve suns, live in this region, but they are not capable of liberating themselves from this bond, for, though the soul possesses such a brightness, it is overpowered by this infernal darkness and it cannot penetrate this black emptiness without the kind mercy and protection of an Adept of Mysticism of the highest order.

Before the soul starts its journey through Maha Sunn, it learns about the existence of four spiritual regions which were not mentioned in the external teachings of the Adepts of Mysticism.

These regions are the levels of the highest spiritual prisoners who are known as Bandivan in Eastern terminology. In their respective regions, these prisoners are not subject to any constraints, but they cannot go beyond them.

Sometimes, some of them will see an ascending soul accompanied by an Adept of Mysticism, and they implore the soul to intercede for them so that they can also rise to the higher spiritual regions.


If he considers it right, only the Adept of Mysticism can agree to such a request, for he is an indispensable guide for the soul, if it wants to travel safely through the extensive dark emptiness of Maha Sunn.

Beyond the region of Maha Sunn there are five immense spiritual regions which gain more and more significance when the soul rises.

The lowest region is Bhanwar Gupha (or the rotating hollow) - the last region before the soul arrives at the realm of the Supreme Lord, the True Home of the spirit. While the soul is approaching this unspeakable region of Bhanwar Gupha it can hear the melody of four Sound Currents, each of them coming from an invisible spring.

0ne of these cosmic melodies drowns all the others and the soul feels that these melodies are indescribable and unspeakably beautiful.

The soul also sees five egg-shaped universes, all of which are macrocosms of other cosmic creations. Each of these cosmic systems has a dominant colour as e.g. yellow or green and it is penetrated and governed by a great spirit like Brahm.

In comparison to these regions the whole universe below the region of causality seems to be as insignificant as a dust particle.


You penetrate the immense vastness and also

the world beyond it, for all this is your revelation.

Nanak prays: Grant me the community with

the Saints - the ship in order to cross

the sea of life and death.

Guru Granth Sahib


The last Part of the Journey

After the soul has risen from the dark emptiness, the Maha Sunn, it reaches that inner level which is known as Bhanwar Gupha or also: (the bent tunnel) in the terminology of the Eastern Adepts of Mysticism.

The soul ascends the peakfrom its west gate

And penetrates across Maha-sunn.

By throwing open the gate ofBanwar Gupha

It hearkens to the music of the flute that emanates from Sohang.


This is the fourth realm above the physical level, a region of spiritual substance with only slight additions of material. If the soul proceeds it will cross a high, radiating pass above the vibrant breakers of spiritual force which is known as the Hansni Tunnel.

Then, it proceeds through the huge entrance of the splendid Rukmini Tunnel where it sees an unbelievably beautiful object the radiation of which has an impact on the view of the soul with the effect that the soul's Nirat (the visual faculty) and its Surat (the capability to hear) are finally completed and gain real peace.

Then, the soul progresses to a higher region of this spiritual realm and sees at its right-hand side bright cosmic islands of an immense beauty and at the left-hand side many continents with splendid palaces which seemed to be built of pearls and the upper storeys of which are decorated with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. The splendour of all these cosmic scenes fills the soul with a wonderful drunkenness.

Bhanwar Gupha is governed by a Great Spiritual Sovereign Whose name is translated into; That is me! in the terminology of the Adepts of Mysticism of the Far and Middle East. And, in fact, the Sufi-Masters know the whole region as Anahu, which, in turn, means; That is me!

In the region of Bhanwar Gupha (Sohang) the soul totally recognises its relationship to the Creator and consciously knows that it is a droplet of the Divine Spirit in the ocean of All-Consciousness and exclaimes:

I and my Father are One!

Maulana Rumi wrote about the mourning tones of a flute which is played on a mountain top and which speak of the separation of the soul from its true source. The music which penetrates this region is that of a heavenly flute; and it was that music which sounded in the conscience of the Great Maulana Rumi.


But nevertheless, here again there is nothing in the physical world which can stand up to the comparison with the wonderful sound of Bhanwar Gupha's melody. This sound emanates from the sparkling cosmic mountain that overlooks this region majestically and above which the soul sees a huge sun with a dazzling white light that is a thousand times brighter than the physical sun of our solar system.

The Sound Current offlute which you were hearing previously as reported is quite good. This should be listened to with rapt attention. It will grow stronger, draw closer, and ultimately come from above. It will eventually bless you with such a ravishing bliss that your mind will become subdued for good in due course of time with the grace of the Master.

Spiritual Elixir p. 188

Guru Nanak sang about this region:

Higher still stands Karm Khand,

the Realm of Grace, Here the Word is all in all, and nothing else prevails.

Here dwell the Bravest of the Brave,

the Conquerors of the mind,

filled with the Love Divine,

Here dwell Devotees with devotion,

incomparable as Sita~s1.

Illumined with beauty ineffable,

All heart filled with God,

They live beyond the reach of death and of delusion2.

Jap Ji, Stanza 37

Bhanwar Gupha is really a region of Beauty and Light, and the souls living there receive the elixir of the Sound Current just as we eat and drink at the physical realm every day. And yet, Bhanwar Gupha and all regions below it, the super causal, causal, astral and physical ones, are subject to dissolution as the Adepts of Mysticism express it. Dissolution of a relatively short duration reaches up to the summit of the causal region, whereas the immensely long lasting and big dissolution reaches from the super causal region of Daswan Dwar up to the region of Bhanwar Gupha.

And therefore the seeking soul has to ascend further up to gain the true spiritual liberation.

Explanation: (1) Sita. wife of Rama, who was noted for her great devotedness. (2) the word ,,deception" (delusion) refers here to the deception (delusion) by Maya or matter.


For Sach Kand, the fifth inner realm above the physical realm is not subject to any cosmic dissolution, might it be big or small. Sach Kand is the True Home of the soul! This purely spiritual realm is called Sat Lok in Hinduism, Muqam-i-Haq (realm of truth) in the teachings of the Sufi melodies of Islam and Sach Khand in Sikhism (the name which is used by the Indian Adepts of Mysticism or the Satgurus). Sach Khand is free of any physical, mental and spiritualised matter. In the words of the Adepts of Mysticism it is unchangeable and eternal, all the Joy and Blissfulness, all Wisdom and all Love... the Homestead of God. Here reside the Perfected Spiritual Beings and the Highest Ranking Saints of all times in unspeakable splendour.

Guru Nanak said:

Here live the Bhagats or Wise from all regions

who please the True One, and They live in ever lasting pleasure.

In Bhanwar Gupha, the region below Sach Khand, there are 88 000 universes and the residents of these universes are all supporters of spiritual Adepts Who have gained entrance into this region. However, in Sach Khand itself, there are many million spheres under the merciful rule of the True Lord, and cosmic islands of the Blessed 0ne rotate around this region, just as our tiny earth rotates around the sun. These spheres are the dwelling places of the Hansas, the pure souls, who never descended into the lower levels.

With the words of Guru Nanak:

Sach Khand or the Realm of Truth

is the seat of the Formless One.

Here He creates all creations,

rejoicing in creating.

Here are many regions,

heavenly systems and universes,

To count which were to count the countless, Here, out of the Formless,

The heavenly plateau and all else come into form, All destined to move according to His Will. He who is blessed with this vision,

rejoices in its contemplation.

But, oh Nanak, such is its beauty

that to try to describe it

is to attempt the impossible1.

Jap Ji, Stanza 37

Explanation: (1) Karana sar. means literally ,,as hard as iron" metaphorical for ,, impossible"

The Ruler of Sach Khand is known as Sat Purush, the True Being, in the Eastern terminology. The esoteric scriptures state that this Master of Love radiates a light that is equal to the light of billions of suns, although even this is still a scanty description of Him, for He is far beyond the expressiveness of human speech or reason in order to describe Him.

The Sat Purush (the highest revelation of God) steers and controls the creation and the dissolution of the entire cosmic systems of universes below Him, but His own realm is not affected by any such changes. At last, this True Being gains His power from the Supreme Lord of all being, among the Adepts of Mysticism known as Anami Purush, the Nameless 0ne.

The language of poetic imagination and symbolic description can only inadequately describe Sach Khand, for the Adepts of Mysticism state that it is even impossible to find any comparison for the finest things in this world.

Sach Khand is the Homestead of the Father, and the Father is the Sat Purush, the highest revelation of the Nameless, and the soul is a beam of the Sat Purush from Whom it emanated aeons ago.

According to the Adepts of Mysticism the soul radiates in the light of sixteen suns and moons when it reaches this region.

Guru Nanak sang about this realm of Sat Purush in his inspired hymn:

How wonderful Thy gate,

how wonderful Thy mansion,

From whence Thou watchest Thy great Creation. Countless the instruments and harmonies that play therein,

Countless the measures, countless the singers, that sing Thy praises.

Jap Ji, Stanza 27

Soami Ji has also described the palace of Sat Purush as a firm castle of unspeakable beauty. In Soami Ji's description the soul on pilgrimage must find the Lord of Love at his throne when it reaches this realm, and it has to recognise the Lord of Love as the True Lord of the universe of all universes. Soami Ji described the wonderful premises and the parks of the courtyard of Sat Purush's palace but he repeatedly stated that this view could not be described in earthly words.

At this realm there are vast reservoirs of spiritual nectar from which proceed rivers of a wealth of light in order to supply more remote regions with spiritual food.

Golden palaces seem to be suspended above the cosmic gardens of a silvery light, and the beauty of the Hansas, the pure souls that live there, is incomprehensible.

The soul on pilgrimage further proceeds to the entrance of the palace of the Lord of Love, the Sat Purush, and a Hansa who is on guard asks the newcomer how he succeeded in reaching this sublime realm. The soul's answer is that it came following an Adept of Mysticism or a Satguru while it stayed on earth and the Adept of Mysticism taught it the inner knowledge of this high realm.

Following this, the soul is escorted into the palace where it is confronted with a Bright Lotus of unspeakable beauty. A voice sounds from the centre of the Light in the Lotus and asks the soul who it is and with what intention, it ascended to this realm.

Soami Ji describes the soul's answer as follows:

Pushap rnadh sae uthi avaza

Kau turn hoe kaho kaja

Satgur rnilae bhed sub dina

Tis ki kripa daras hurn lina

Darshan kar ut kar rnagnani

Sat Purush tub bolae bani

Alakh lokka bhed sunaya

Bal upna dae suratpathaya

Alakh Purush ka roop anoopa

Agarn Purush nirkha kul bhoopa

Dekh achraj kaha najaye

Kaya kaya. sobha varan paye

From the lotus there arose a voice:

"Speak! Who are you and what brings you here?"

"My Satguru gave rne the key to this realrn

And through His grace I arn blessed with Thy darshan."

Beholding the Lord it was lost in ecstasy;

Thereupon the Sat Purush spoke

Giving forth the secrets of Alakh Lok

And by His own power raised it further.

The forrn of the Alakh Purush defies description.

Agarn Purush, the Lord of all creations,

His wondrous sight cannot be described

And His glory cannot be rendered in words.

Then the soul is told that it really is in the presence of the Sat Purush, Whom it recognises here as the Spiritual Power That inspired the Adept of Mysticism on earth and in the lower spiritual regions. Now the soul enjoys its happiness and experiences great delight at the spiritual view of the Lord of Love.

Then the Supreme Lord of Revelation teaches the soul the mysteries of the higher realms, and with the Power of Love He assists the soul with further ascending through these realms.

The Adepts of Mysticism told that Sach Khand's Music was comparable to a Veena. All the Spiritual Masters who spoke of Sach Khand testified the breathtaking charm of this music. Just like its heavenly music, Sach Khand's light cannot be described in a secular language, not even with the light of billions of suns.

The Adept of Mysticism who has initiated the higher seeking soul into the mysteries of the beyond is obliged to safely accompany it to its True Home, Sach Khand.

Then, the Sat Purush inspires the soul with his Divine Energy and sends it into the higher realms of Alakh Lok (the invisible realm). Agam Lok (the inaccessible realm) and Anami Lok (the nameless realm that is the highest spiritual region of all). In Anami Lok there is neither Light nor Sound, nor darkness or silence.

Basically, the aspirant can only understand the idea of Sach Khand as the highest spiritual realm. This really is a realm of pure spirit and the True Home of the soul. This is the highest revelation of God.

Nevertheless, the Adepts of Mysticism speak of three higher realms beyond Sach Khand, though they consider it completely futile to give descriptions or statements about these spiritual realms.

It is enough to say that the soul is caused, by the grace of the Sat Purush, to enter the next spiritual realm of Alakh Lok and then comes to the cosmic palace of the Alakh Purush, Who is the ruler of this realm.

If the soul has got the Darshan of the Alakh Purush, it further proceeds to Agam Lok where it views the ruler of this realm, the Agam Purush, and receives His Darshan. Again, the Adepts of Mysticism try to describe the splendour of this realm with the light of billions and billions of suns.

As regards the last realm of Anami Lok, the Adepts of Mysticism remain silent.


In a few words Soami Ji said:

At every step the soul recognises unknown things which cannot be described in human language.

Each region and everything is absolutely indescribable. What a beauty and glory. How can I describe it?

There is nothing here to give you an idea of it. I am helpless!

Now the soul has seen the ruling Lord of each of the spiritual realms beyond Sach Khand and has united its existence with Them. This is the greatest good on the mystical path of love, for the Adepts of Mysticism told that the Power of Love is the strongest one in these holy realms.

When He was asked about Anami Lok, Soami Ji simply said: It is all love!

Thus, the collaboration of the Adept of Mysticism and Shabd leads to jivan mukti or spiritual liberation on the mystical path and to the ascent of the soul to its True Home.

If the spiritual aspirant fulfils the commandments of the Adept of Mysticism faithfully and always goes the way of love, this spiritual liberation can be accomplished in one life. The aspirant will hear the permanent symphony of love and will realise that his True Self and the Divine Word are one and the same being. This Music is so magnificent that any twaddle of the sinful mind comes to rest and the focus of the soul becomes completely absorbed in the Audible Stream of Life so that it is drawn beyond the levels of mind and matter.

While the aspirant rises into the higher regions of life he discovers that this is in deed the only real freedom a human being can ask for. This is the freedom from the ties to his lower self, the anxieties, fantasies and thoughts of hatred, his likings and dreams that haunt him when he is proceeding along the long road of repeating births and deaths.

At this physical plain of existence, a human can never really be free, neither as an individual nor in the community. 0nly those who gain the higher spiritual consciousness have won freedom in the true sense of the word by claiming their actual birthright.

The released soul can never be enslaved by the deceptive cravings of the lower self or the machinations of those who believe that they dominate the transient world of men by their own power.

The spiritual conscience is both cause and climax of human development and it is impossible to describe its nature in words which are only the imaginary symbols of human imagination, for this is really a wordless and timeless state of blissfulness.

Those who have gained this spiritual conscience know in their innermost being that they are free spirits that live in the eternal realms of spiritual freedom.

He has risen with the Heavenly Melodies of the spirit as Guru Nanak reports:

By practice of the Word,

one rises into universal consciousness

and develops right understanding;

By practice of the Word,

one develops clairvoyance and transvision

of the whole creation; By practice of the Word,

one isfreedfrom sorrow and suffering;

Jap Ji, Stanza 13

0nce the spiritual aspirant transcends the physical consciousness he will become aware of the ever resounding power of the universe, the Sound Current. In the inner regions those illuminated sounds can be realized as a blissful mosaic of transcedential energy, resounding light and brilliantly shining sounds.

As Kabir said:

The natural Inner Music permanently resounds out of itself but only a rare soul knows of this sacred union; True Simram consists of the soul's permanent tuning into the Inner Music without outer help. Those who discover this hidden treasure are our true friends.

Being connected to this Inner Music, the aspirant loses his lower identity and will finally become 0ne with God. Although He will remain in this world for the time allocated to Him, He is in this world yet out of it, for He is a jivan mukti, a liberated being.

He is no longer an incapable slave of minds and senses but confirmed in the True Divinity. He lives for the Eternal, Divine Light of spirit and permanently listens to the Divine Music in His soul. Finally, He returns to Sach Khand, the Homestead of salvation or Muquam-i-Haq, the origin of the Sounding Light and the soul itself. Now the aspirant is a consciously liberated soul.

This is the true salvation, the highest and most complete state of being.


Those who hear of this power or approach it will neither die nor be born again! For this power of Kirpal is the great sea of mercy and it is therefore manifested throughout the whole creation.

Guru Granth Sahib

The power is always only 0ne, but it works differently according to the demands of the respective time. Within the Competent Masters of the fifth realms this power is 50 percent revealed. Guru Gobind Singh mentioned that He had access to the seventh realm of Agam-Lok. And now, during this blessed time... the time of transition from the iron to the golden age, it is 100 percent effective. It is fully manifested. For you the golden age has come, for whenever the Almighty Power manifests Itself it is the golden age for the disciple, the time to go home. All the other ages only served to prepare the soul so that it gets into contact with the Almighty Power now. This opportunity is now the best, for it is the shortest way back to God. You do not need a Master, if the Almighty Power does Its work.

So springtime is upon us now; there will be more fragrant Saints, I would say now, who will come up and give us through the grace of God, a contact with the God-into-Expression Power. And this is the revolution, the spiritual revolution, which is coming up - an awakening all around.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

Question: Who will be your successor?

Answer: God is searching the pole in which he reveals himself, I want you all to become my ambassadors.

No one before me has ever asked you so intensively and nobody after me will ever do it and have pity on you as I have. Please, please do not forget me!

My work is to reveal to you the unity already existing through all.

Awake, oh man,

regain your Godhood,

before it is too late,

On regaining your lost Godhood

you will have right understanding

that you are all One.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh



The Deliberate Connection with the Divine Power

God is unimaginable, incomparable and indescribable. The Saints say that He is in Himself what He is.

All names like Sat Naam, 0nkar, etc., given for Simran were in like manner Varanatmak1. Their sole functions were

a) to help build up Dhyan or one-pointed concentration, and

b) to serve as passwords for crossing from one plane to another.

The soul's task (and the Satguru's) was to reach the fifth plane, Sat Lok, and for this five passwords, one for each realm, were needed. 0nce the soul entered the regions of pure spirit, no further passwords were necessary. As it beheld the Sat Purush, the Deity of Sat Lok or Sach Khand, and the first definite manifestation of Naam and Form of the Formless and the Nameless, it realized that He (i.e., Sat Purush) and the Satguru were not distinct but one and the same, and that it itself was also of Their very essence. Its search for the Absolute was at last over and it began to merge in Him. As it entered deeper and deeper, being absorbed from Form into the Formless, it passed through Alakh (indescribable) and Agam (inconceivable) until it finally lost itself in the 0cean of Bliss and Consciousness that is the Ultimate Reality beyond any name and form, ineffable, immaculate, indescribable, and immeasurable. It is what it was is and nothing more could be said of it.

The only way left for describing it was through negatives. It was neither light nor darkness, neither sound nor silence. No Shabd could be said to be resounding there, as Shabd had not yet come into manifestation.

No description can do justice to Him. The Spirit of God, the power and strength acting in the creation, reveals Itself as Light and Heavenly Sound and is called the Light of God and the Voice of God by the Saints. This revelation of God-intoexpression power can be perceived by men inside and so it is possible to get into conscious contact with God.

The Saints give Their followers a first hand experience of the God Power by making God's Light visible and God's Voice audible. In literature, this event is called inauguration into the mysteries of the beyond, baptism or initiation.

Explanation: (1) Varanatmak: every name of God, which can be spoken or written.


The conscious connection with the God-power is not the privilege of certain denominations or of a definite time. It was and always is a free gift of God and it is granted to everybody who truly seeks for it.

What counts are solely the sincere efforts of the seeker in order to live according to the original guidelines of the Saints. In every age provision is made to give the bread and water of life to those who hunger and thirst for the truth; The conscious connection with the God-Power, Which reveals Itself inwardly as the Light of God and the Voice of God.

Question: Is Initiation predestined or preordained?

Answer: Yes, it is predestined and preordained in the frame-work of the Divine Plan that certain souls are to be accepted and initiated by each Master during His ministry and many a time it so happens that those who are ostensibly unworthy are accepted.

Spiritual Elixir p. 51

The Master raises some initiated individuals and shows them the splendour of the fifth realm (Sach Khand); most of the initiated are led up to this level. However, as it is described, there is a total of eight realms, and the eighth realm is the aim, that can be reached by everybody in this age, because a higher power is at work.

The word became flesh: a hundred percent or seventy percent or fifty percent - each time according to the demand of that time. They, the Saints, were at work to the extent, necessary for that time; the power, however, is the same.

Guru Nanak was asked:

Who is your Guru (Master)?

He replied:

Shabd (Naam, the light and sound principle) is my Guru.

God-into-expression Power is called Shabd or Word made flesh as it is written in the Bible.

And who can give you the contact with it? You can get it where His mercy is at work - that's all.


Question: Is Initiation conveyed through an authorised representative of the Master validfor all purposes?

Answer: Yes, the instructions of Initiation imparted through a duly authorised representative of the Master are valid for all purposes. The testing criterion is to have a first-hand inner experience of the Divine Light of God and the Audible Life Stream at the time ofInitiation. These are the two Astral Forms of the Master-Power and if one gets to them by personal experience of rising above body-consciousness, there can be no doubt about its validity and efficacy.

Spiritual Elixir p. 52

The human body is the temple of God. He is waiting there for you.

That is why I ask you to look within, with a longing in your heart

and silence in your soul.

God will reveal Himself to you.

You willfind Him - no, see Him.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

The Key-note for spiritual progress within is to develop the habit of looking intently into the middle of whatever you see and hearing the Holy Sound Current as coming from the right side, with uninterrupted attention and single-minded devotion. All else will come with the grace of the Master.

Spiritual Elixir. p. 148


Kirpal Singh with disciples during a meditation sitting

The mind does not want to allow men to gain knowlege about the soul. Its nature is to seek the amusement and its permanent wavering is hard to get over.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

A tuning oneself to the Sound-Current is the only way to calm the mind and practise concentration. Whatever school of thought or movement we belong to is unimportant. One has not to convert to other believes, but can proceed where he is.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

We have to practise honest self-introspection to see how far we advanced on the inner path and gained mastership over mind and senses. We can use the mystic experience ofpast masters as well as their teachings of their practical life, to see wether we really arised to such extraordinary heights. If not we can humbely approch someone who did so and accept his help.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

Your seat is above all.

Whatever has been created lies below You.

All souls, Kal, Brahma, Par Brahm, Holy men and Yogis, Masters and disciples, atoms and hansas, all are gazing up to You,

hands folded in salutation,

because out of Your mouth flows the one Naam.

It reports patiently since beginning about Your being. Kabir is my brother, You are my father!

You are all! Nothing is beyond You.

You are the king of the kings, the Almighty Himself.

Beside You there was a place taken, inspired by Your son, Through Your grace he is part of You.

You sat on Your place and to Your left sat Your son. Anything below us was You and therefor a part of You, They all wanted to be something.

Your son was nothing, is nothing! Nothing means all - all nothing. Some pass a test!

Some live only for You!

Jaimal says, that You could take the work of the entire creation from one stone!

Who then are the disciples?

Who then are the Masters?

They are only to rejoice You. They all are!

You are the One.

Even the souls from Alakh, Agam, Anami and Sat Kartar are!

Thank You Kirpal for this comprehension.

Kirpal, You are alone!

Have been and will be for all ages.

Bhai Jamal1

Explanation: (1) pen name


Nanak, now sketches in highly lyrical language the picture of God watching from His abode His many creations, which bow before Him in reverence.

How wonderfull Thy Gate:

how wonderfull Thy Mansion,

from whence Thou watchest Thy great Creation. Countless the instruments and harmonies that play therein,

Countless the measures, countless the Singers, that sing Thy praises.

The Elements - Wind, Water and Fire - sing of Thee,

And of Thee sing the King ofDeath and his recording Angle11.

To Thee sing the Gods and Goddess

whose beauty is of Thy making.

To Thee sing Siva, Brahma and likewise Indra from his throne.

To Thee sing the Siddhas in their meditation, and the Sadhus in their contemplation.

To Thee sing the Ascetics, the Righteous,

the contended; and the Heroes no less.

To Thee sing the learned Pandits and the Rishis from age to age reciting from the holy Vedas.

To Thee sing the heart-enslaving Nymphs in the heaven, the earth and the nether regions.

To Thee sing thy Jewels (Saints)

and the sixty-eight places ofpilgrimage.

To Thee sing the mighty Warriors,

the heroes of great prowess, and all living Creatures2. To Thee sing the earthly regions, the heavens and the universes created and support by Thee. Those that please Thee also sing Thy praises

and are saturated with Thy love and devotion.

Explanation: (1) Dharam Rai. Keeper of the law, who dispenses justice to souls after they have left the body, according to their actions, whose record is maintained by Chitr and Gupt, the two recording angels. (2) Khanis. Nanak here refers to the four Khanis or categories of living creatures according to their mode of birth, to wit. Andaj, those born from eggs, like birds, snakes, fish, etc, Jeraj, those born from the foetus, like men and animals, Utbhuj, those that sproud from seeds, like trees, shrubs and vegetables, Setaj, those that grow out of sweat, filth, etc., like lice and worms, etc.

And there are countless more that sing of thee, whom one cannot even remember,

All lie beyond the ken ofNanak.

He is and is alone the Ever-Existent Lord.

He is the Truth and true is His Holy Naam. He is, and shall exist forevermore.

He who created all creations shall never depart, though worlds be destroyed.

He who made Nature with its many colours and many forms, looks after His own handiwork,

as He behooves His own Greatness.

He is the Supreme Master and does what He lists,

He is the King ofKings, the Almighty Lord,

And ours, oh Nanak, is only to abide by His Will.

Jap Ji, Stanza 27

Param Sant Kirpal Singh says:

It has often been the praxis of the ancient Masters to give experience of the Holy Initiation and competent instructions to a selected circle of disciples who first were confronted with unconceivable hassles as an assay for their earnestness and their faith in the Guru. But in the present age, the Kali Yug, man is very weak and the Master is all the more affectionate. He generously gives to all, who are thirsty for a gleam of the liberating truth.

In the alteration from Kali Yug to Sat Yug don't call me Master, there is only Shabd. My Father is the One.

Har Rai the Guru of the ages, Kabir, is my brother! That's how Kirpal showed it.

Light and Sound are bestowedfreely.

The worldly nit-pickers disdain this grace. Their I-ness is rooted in selfishness.

The arrow of love hid me from heaven

in the middle of my dishonourable heart. Without my doing forever i bleed.

Hail Thee, the Only One!

Now this pain of love is distributed

As per the One gives allowence to me. Listen you brothers and sisters,

let Him enter!

He's waiting since the beginning on your doorstep.

Let the real Amrit of sorrow, Naam, in your drouthy heart.

This sorrow will irrigate your heart like the water from this world

brings the Rose of Jericho to it's blossom.

Admire only the One, the First, retrieve this water of sorrow, Shabd! Hail Thee, Kirpal! The One,

the transformer of the ages.

Bhai Jamal1

[...] The words of the Master cannot be detached from the Master. It is from the abundance of the heart that the tongue speaks. The Master is embedded in the Word and His words are expressions of what is in Him; that is, Word, Life-impulse, and power. How then can the two be separated from each other? His words undoubtedly pierce through the hearts of the aspirants and none other can know the sweet pangs from which they suffer.

As longing for the Lord grew keen, words of the Master pierced my heart; the mind alone knows the pangs; who else can know another's pangs?

The more one gives weight to the Master's words, the more he grows in grace. True devotion to the Master consists in acceptance of, and doing, what He commands. Guru Ram Das exhorts us that the thought of the Master should ever be a companion, no matter what we may be doing. The Master is hidden in His words, and His words are in fact the Real Master.

Holy is the Word of the Master, and through It one gets the Elixir ofLife; for acceptance ofHis words gives one Immortal Life.

Explanation: (1) pen name

Remember ever the Word of the Master, for herein lies real devotion and truth. Act in conformity to the Master's Word; this constitutes contemplation aright.

The Word of the Master ever abides with the initiates. No power on earth can snatch it away. Fire cannot burn it nor can water sweep it off. It is indestructible and immortal. It fathers the fatherless and protects us at every step. It strikes at the root of all doubt and scepticism. Even the angel of death cannot come near it.

Contact Ram Naam through the instructions of the Master. This nectar can be enjoyed in the company of Saints.

Find thy Native Home with the help of the Master; Then there will be no more coming and going.

God-Man p. 18 1a. 182

0ne cannot come into the treasure of Naam by the performance of deeds on the plane of the senses.

God-Man p. 182



God will help you to arrive at the place where you will get in contact with the Godinto-expression Power.

All were permitted to see You in the form of their Guru of the respective time strolling on earth,

all this I never had in this life.

Entering this world through Thy hands,

born as Thy disciple, caried by Thee.

Born as a sinner, I spend the time in the pang ofyearning for Thee in Kal Desh.

Oh Kirpal! Rescue all!

In hardship and distress appears Gobind, yet is unable to be of help for me.

Agam has no ointment for my sorrow. My Ishit Guru Thou were.

What ajoy to see this!

Already once we have been together and yet this time we'll become One!

In order to abate the agony,

I distribute it to all Thy children.

The pangs for Thee Kirpal should wane, Oh what a wonder - the case is converse.

Thy Word lights up every part in us and Thy voice is the music in our brow. Each one may hear it, destined by Thee. May all become Thy ambassador!

Bhai Jamal1

[...] When the moral depraves, the Divine Grace increases to more opulence to the general benefit of the masses. To grant an inner first hand experience perhaps is the only touch-stone to discriminate the wheat from the chaff, the perfect from the imperfect masters of which the world is brimfull.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

Explanation: (1) pen name


[...] Once you have been given initiation go to the Master, my talks are there, my tapes are there, go to them.

[...] After my physical departure I will not stand behind any organisation which will be founded in my name, if, however, this should happen, it will become their own destiny.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

After the initiation by a Competent Master or His authorized representative, the disciple can be sure that he is on his way back to his True Home "Sach Khand".

Question: Ijust read an article that you wrote that sais three or four lifes. (to make it, to go home)

Answer from Kirpal Singh: No, no, no, may be you read it in the scriptures of the masters. Isay, even four stages of life can be passed in one life.&

Therfore, as described, the completion of the way of the initiated soul can be reduced to one birth only, depending on the disciple's love, faith and obedience towards the Master.

God alone has the power to establish the connection with Light and Sound. Nobody else is in a position to do so.

Thus, what I have seen so far and understood from the scriptures is, that Shabd or the Holy Word is the only Guru.

Olaf Redeker-Mitterer

Explanation: (1) recorded tape of an interview with Robert Redeen, september 2nd 1970 in Dehradun

Edition - 0ctober 2003


The Soul's Jorney - Part 2



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  Adi Da, Ramana Maharshi, Nityananda, Shridi Sai Baba, Upasani Baba,  Seshadri Swamigal , Meher Baba, Sivananda, Ramsuratkumar
"The perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no difference between us"
Tripura Rahasya, Chap XX, 128-133





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