Discourse 1 - Klik-Klak: The Pattern Patterning

A Gathering "Consideration" with Beloved Adi Da Samraj at Free Standing Man, Quandramama Shikhara, January 31, 1996

The gatherings that began at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary continued when Adi Da Samraj arrived at Quandramama Shikhara. He gathered with those devotees who had travelled with Him from California, and a small group of devotees from Hawaii. The gatherings were held at Free Standing Man, His Residence at Quandramama. Beloved sat on a futon couch, surrounded by the Quandra Mai.

Night blended into day, and hour after hour the Divine Lord Granted His direct and spontaneous Word to those gathered with Him. He sat cross-legged, His Body sometimes rocking slightly as He Spoke, drawing all present into the Sphere of His Samyama.

Though He had begun to develop the "consideration" of klik-klak and the pattern patterning on previous nights, it was on the night of January 31st that He elaborated it fully. This gathering is printed here almost in its entirety. In His Masterful unravelling, Adi Da conveys the nature of conditional existence and the Truth of His Divine Revelation, entirely beyond the realm of all appearances.


SECTION II - The Pattern Within the Pattern

So that is another way of summarizing the Way of the Heart-by looking at it in terms of a particular kind of an Argument. And it is all straightforward, and seems clear to you. But if I now went about traveling around the world giving lectures about it, just said basically these things, and then offered everybody Instruction and Initiation into the "Perfect Practice" as an exercise and so forth, nothing would come of it. Maybe I would get a so-called "working career" out of it or something. But the people who heard that convincing Argument and decided they were going to do this particular practice-the "Perfect Practice", the sixth stage practice-they would be doing something, but they would not be Realizing anything. You can't be established in that Position by simply listening to My reasonable Argument about it.

And what I just summarized to you is completely True. But that does not mean that you are equipped to do the "Perfect Practice". It is not just an insight matter in the sense of following a verbal Argument and noticing things. That's good, that's instructive. But that does not mean that you are in the Position to do the "Perfect Practice", or that you could, by any number of readings of the transcript of what I just said to you, be equipped to do the "Perfect Practice". And yet it may seem completely reasonable to you that the "Perfect Practice" is right practice. And, of course, it is.

So, if you want to know really how to do this, then you take up the practice of the Way of the Heart as I've Given it. That is how to really do it. It is not a matter of going to lectures and self-"guruing" yourself into the model of something that should be an Ultimate Practice, Prior to the body-mind. But it would certainly not be the case simply because you build it as a routine, somehow, into your daily life.

You are, in fact, this fruit-eating bird. You are even attached to being so. You are "Narcissus". You project all kinds of things onto klik-klak to make it desirable to you, and thereby fail to notice all kinds of things about klik-klak.

You superimpose all kinds of illusions on klik-klak, and so I have to Remind you, in various ways, through "consideration", but also sometimes through representations in a sacred setting. So this Temple of Laughing Mama is a means for Me to remind you of something very fundamental which you forget in your "Narcissistic" superimposition of the heart-presumption onto conditions. You think klik klak loves you somehow, or you expect it to love you, or care about you, or care about anything. You like the notion of the parent deity. You like the notion that that's what Reality is - that it is sort of built in, everything that is associated with the disposition about caring for you (that "you" you presume yourself to be, the body-mind person, the ego).

Whereas, as I keep putting to you, the conditional domain, klik-klak, does not care in the slightest about ego. There is no real ego. Klik-klak just deals with the pattern. The ego is not an entity. It is just an action in the pattern, and from that patterns point of view, it is just more pattern. It is not something, in other words, to be allowed to be enshrined in permanence, just because you ultimately Are That Which is Permanent, but you are superimposing your sense of it, and seeking a monument of it, in klik-klak.

Well, That's not klik-klaks business. It doesn't care about that concern of yours. You don't belong there anyway. You are from Consciousness-land. This is klik-klak-land. Klik-klak-land doesnt care about the illusions of those who wander from Consciousness-land, because all klik-klak deals with is the material of klik-klak. Consciousness is not the material of klik-klak. Your illusion about klik-klak is not material in klik-klak. That's your concern. So you cant expect klik-klak, or the endless pattern patterning, to be concerned about you and your illusions, or your notions of permanence. Klik-klak has no notion of permanence, has no permanence in itself-whatsoever.

So your desire to be loved, to be permanent, to have your desires satisfied and so forth - that's your interest. Klik-klak doesn't give a shit about egos. You have no complaints. Hm? Your complaints are of no interest. They are not registered in the pattern. It keeps klik-klakking regardless of your pleas and your complaints. And, this is why that is the fundamental language indicated in the Laughing Mama Temple, the secret of klik-klak is...

DEVOTEE: The Laughing Mama says: "Your objections to any thing don't mean shit!"

DEVOTEE: Beloved, how does the Devotional Prayer of Changes fit in?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The Devotional Prayer of Changes is associated with sadhana, the disposition to transcend conditional bondage in Communion with Me. The disposition of going beyond makes use of the psycho-physical mechanism in a different attitude than the one that is simply bound to the pattern as it is now appearing.

Klik-klak is just plastic. The mind is just stuff. So mind is subtler than grosser pattern. Mind can affect grosser pattern. The presumptions in mind govern what happens in the grosser. This principle, generally speaking, holds true in the short round of the human life. So you can - by believing, relinquishing presumptions at the mind level, the deeper level that is governing, by what is outward - change the pattern at that subtle level. It is still just pattern patterning. But you can take advantage of klik-klaks own law of shift-replicating, shift - by not using that particular pattern, thought, or presumption. Just letting it go, breathing it away, exhaling and so on. Not picturing it, but instead, so to speak, "breathe away the bad stuff". At the mind level, the feeling level, presume a pattern that is as you would have it be in the gross vibratory appearance.

In other words, you are associating with the realm of patterns there, prior to their congealing in the gross manner. And you are simply playing a trick on klik-klak. You're making use of klik-klaks own law of replication. And so it will start replicating on the basis of that pattern. Subtle moves towards gross. Its not that you've found paradise. Its that you've found out something about klik-klak-by Revelation, of course, because I am telling you this. But it is about this "consideration" of Consciousness and of Happiness. In the process, certain things are discovered, or may be Revealed to you.

So what I am Revealing to you is a total Way. It includes the Devotional Prayer of Changes, and all kinds of other things, whereby you will - through the responsible exercise of all aspects of the body-mind, including discriminative intelligence and will, governed by the heart-disposition in devotion to Me - be purified, and (ultimately) understand, and feel beyond, the bondage of conditional existence.

Or, I've told you and you've been listening to Me about it, this can be done through this metaphor of the Pleasure Dome - establishing the Yoga, Yogic conditions of Communion with Me moment to moment, whatever the conditions may be. This is again like the Devotional Prayer of Changes. It is, itself, the Devotional Prayer of Changes. It is to make use of the fact that a disposition can appear with in the realm of changes, and a different one can be presumed. And whatever the disposition is, it is associated with a certain orientation to the pattern that is patterning. So I have told you all of this total process. Ultimately, you can do the Perfect Sadhana - in other words, enter into the Domain of practice that is about Realizing That Which Is Prior to the illusions of conditional existence.

Conditional existence itself is klik-klak-enmeshed in it in the manner of the fruit-eating bird. I have shown you not only how this can be transcended, to be Divinely Realized, but I have also pointed out to you that in all this meantime, That Which Is Always Already the Case Is Always Already the Case.

Notice: No matter whats arising, you are basically the Witness. This is still the Case, even while there is involvement in klik-klak. That Which is Always Already the Case is still Always Already the Case. The Truth is Always Already the Case. Consciousness Always Already Is.

Well, why aren't you then simply living that? As I said, you have assumed the disposition of the fruit-eating bird. You are enmeshed in klik-klak-land here. I Am Not. I know what I am talking about.

So there is a way beyond it. And in the midst of it, you can't just "go out the door". So you have to Realize What Is Beyond this by a process that is, at the moment, enacted in the context of what was your bondage. You have to process out of your bondage, in other words. You can't just simply think your way out of it, or have a lecture magically relieve you of it, or any kind of examination in a moment. It requires a lifetime of reorientation, surrender, Communion, and Grace.

So if you want to do it yourself, who are you talking about?

Beloved, when You were talking about the Devotional Prayer of Changes, it occurs to me that You are the Ultimate Expression, you could say, in a way, of the Devotional Prayer of Changes - by entering into this klik-klak realm, and changing the patterning in Your devotees, and ultimately all beings.


DEVOTEE: But then it also struck me that it is different, because You are not just changing the pattern in this klik-klak conditional world, but You are breaking the whole spell that even is that pattern somehow, or all patterns.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. And once you have understood, really, the nature of pattern, the klik-klak nature of object, then it doesn't make any difference where you appear in any context of patterns. The pattern is pattern - it doesn't make any difference. In other words, you are always in the position to inspect the nature of what is arising and see that it is klik-klak. And you don't have to be in a special circumstance, or a particular stage of life, a particular samadhi. The conditions themselves make no difference. The pattern is patterning. The pattern is always of the same nature ultimately, whatever it appears to be in particular, in a moment or context. Hm?

DEVOTEE: Several gatherings ago You asked us if sometimes when we are dreaming we appear to be other people. I was feeling something about that when You were talking. If you can do that, that is how you know it is just a presumption of "I". And there is a blending of that in our dreaming. I have had dreams where I appear to be other people.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, its like The Mummery - all the secrets to be revealed at the end. All the female characters are Quandra. All the male characters are Raymond. And That's true of all that you observe. Its Consciousness and Energy. Or it is yang and yin. Fundamental principles, and once you understand what is going on in the pattern, you can see them everywhere.

As you say, that is sometimes a particular outstanding characteristic of a dream - that you are some other character, or perhaps somebody else familiar to you - but shown in a dream in a form of a different kind of a character. You may have had a kind of a dream, for instance, where when you wake up. you know very well that it was about such and such a person that you know. But in the dream it could have been anybody. In fact, that may be what you remember about it. It didn't particularly look like that person, but you know that it was about something between you and some other person in daily life. Very often in dreams, in other words, others or even yourself can appear represented differently than they appear in daily life.

So if you understand the principle of The Mummery as Ive written it - if you understand its various principles, and how it is the pattern of existence, in existence itself altogether, being revealed in that liturgy - then "consider" this: Even then in the waking state, you, are all the female characters. Raymond is all the male characters - whoever that Raymond is. That configuration has all of the associations of the other. So you are often seeing yourself in daily life, but it doesnt look like you. It seems to be independent of you. But it is you-as in dreams.

There are only two people: You, and the other one. [laughter]

DEVOTEE: Beloved, relative to the pattern patterning itself, I was "considering" our own individual images of that, how we would describe the image of the pattern patterning itself. And I felt what You were saying earlier about how the only way we can . . .

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It's not even the pattern patterning itself. Its just the pattern patterning. There is no itself about it. There is just pattern. It replicates, shifts, changes - that's it. It is built on a fundamental torque-in other words, two-and That's the basis for multiplicity. So, as there is torque, or two, there is everything. So That's the nature of the plastic of conditional existence. It is utterly indifferent to any other plan. Its force of shift is inexorable. It cannot be stopped. But the characteristic of the shift in any moment can be modified. The more you become involved in the modifications, the less aware you become of the nature of your own position.

So, if there is fullest examination of all this discipline, Contemplation, examination of the Way and the fulfillment of it - it is like the simple process as described in the Vedantic tradition, Advaita Vedanta: Sravana, Manana, and Nididhyasana. In other words, it is all the action, the total life of the practice. Fundamentally it is a "consideration". Examine My Argument and "consider" all that it leads you to "consider", examine, and so forth. Then you enter deeply into it. These are technical terms for what seems like something almost trivial. To give it such technical terms, and break it down from big parts, and so forth, is a sort of way of making much of it - pointing to the fact that this process is what Realization is all about.

On the other hand, listen to what? "Consider" what? And Realize what? Well, that depends on the teacher. And it is not a talking-school matter, as some might make it into. Effectively, you could break it down as a process of just looking at something carefully and realizing that that's so. It is just like that, if you want to give it a description, or the quickest outline you could in the moment. But that does not mean that that's a prescription for, "Now go and have someone make a transcription of this Talk and you get your copy and just sit in a room from now on, and read it over and over again." No, That's not how it works. But that's a way of picturing to you something about the fundamental nature of it as a process, as a pattern.

This whole process can be quickened from the two primary directions - from the Divine direction, Grace; from the attention side, intensification. The "consideration" quickens the intensification of the total range of all the things that the practice is about, but also an intensification of its fundamental core - the attracted response to Me and the urge to Realize Me - an intensification of all, or any of the other aspects of the total sadhana. Whenever there is that intensification, the process is quickened because it is made more direct. You don't throw in anything to sludge it up. So as the pattern goes, it depends on how it works its power over the conditions of your existence, the conditions of existence altogether.

Maintain your turning toward Me such that you are attracted by Me, moved by Me, heart-moved always to take your vow seriously, maintain the core thread of seriousness. And Commune with Me moment to moment - this quality, possibly summarized by any number of descriptions, because that Communion is comprehensive. In other words, it touches every aspect of your practice, but also is a root gesture - is the principle on the "you" side, or the attention side, that can quicken the process in any moment.

So this ever-intensifying seriousness, heart-seriousness, practice seriousness, and allowance of My Grace to do whatever It has to do to make the process profound, to do what I have to do to make the process profound-these are the two advantages you have in any moment of practice.

So this is a useful summary. In the course of this several-week "consideration", I've gradually developed some references to the point where they have become Dharma language, terms like "klik-klak", and "patterning", "Pleasure Dome" - a lot of references like this. And then, as My "consideration" developed with you, I elaborated on the meaning.

In fact, usually the way that it has worked is that I enter into "consideration" over some extended period, and make references within it that accumulate a kind of enlarged meaning for something or other. And then this term remains. I also noticed it at various stages in this "consideration". It had even gotten to that point where I was using something as a simple reference for a rather extended, complex notion and so on.

Then sometimes people who have entered into the "consideration" midstream have to ask, as one of you did the other day, "What do You mean by klik-klak?" [laughter] In other words, it can get to the point where, instead of using complex descriptions, you just use key words, "code words", so to speak. And your conversation can become just a long series of code phrases (more or less) that you use, presuming that whoever you're speaking to knows very well what you mean. And they may not mean very much at all to them. [laughter]

DEVOTEE: Like nothing at all.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: And that is something of a problem in the community at large at the present time - it seems to Me. There's the language of the Way, everyone sufficiently adept at it, such that you speak in this language readily by making short references to everything, code words relative to everything. Unless you sit down and you're talking about something at length, you're constantly using these shorter references for everything.

"Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga", for instance. Say Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga to a devotee, presumably they know what you mean. But do they? What does it mean to them? They know what the code word is and they may have some just sort of general sense of it but that doesn't mean they're an exemplary practitioner of it or doing it rightly or even know what it is in any technical sense. [laughter]

So this is one of the ways religion becomes a mummery. If just these code words or phrases were sufficient, I wouldn't have said all the rest of it. They were simply attempts to have a way to briefly refer to something so we can get on to elaborating further things. If I had to repeat, every time, the totality of what I mean by "klik-klak", I'd never get on to say anything more about it.

But nonetheless, before I start using it more or less routinely, I "consider" things with you to the point where this is an appropriate phrase or brief reference to something that is not only rather elaborate but that you will always have to study forever - not just use as a code word in your talk. You must constantly return to My Word and be associated with the elaborateness, fullness of Instruction behind all of the daily religion language you use. Otherwise it just becomes a superficial, smiley exchange of code words.

DEVOTEE: I was just thinking, my Lord, of someone giving a presentation just based on the last week -someone- videoing it, and sending it back to all the regions. With all these new terms, and everything, it would sound like a completely new Teaching! [laughter] I mean, it wouldnt if someone listened to it closely, but-

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Didn't I suggest that was what I might do?

DEVOTEE: Yesterday, that is exactly what You said.


ADI DA SAMRAJ: That I might, somehow, wander off, get involved with some other bunch of people, totally independent of everybody else, Instruct them, face to face in that unique context. [laughter] New Teaching.

DEVOTEE: "Don't you understand? Its the klikity-klak in the midst of a Pleasure Dome, pattern patterning. My God! You don't understand this Teaching!" [Adi Da laughs.]

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, this is a kind of "consideration" or pattern within the pattern of the larger gathering. Perhaps we could go on with it, examining it from a wide variety of different approaches until we got to the point where there was, in fact, a new form of the Way established - in which, after a rudimentary establishment of some basic requirements, you immediately took up the "Perfect Practice".

DEVOTEES: Whoa. Yeah. Wow. [laughter]

DEVOTEE : And prior to that, it would be "consideration".


You see, I've entered the pattern of the gathering in a particular unique fashion since having gone to California, while there in that particular place, associating with all devotees, including a large number in that region. There are patterns flowing all around there, and just sort of flowing along with it to observe it, I could see many things and therefore was in a position to relate to people in such a way that a variety of things gradually were corrected. And then, to do some more to correct it further, I associated with some relative few within the gathering, in order to generate this pattern within the pattern - a "consideration" in the midst of the pattern of the gathering in which what I am effectively doing is correcting everything about not only weak practice, but misconceptions about the practice or lack of understanding altogether of what its about.

And, at some point, this group returns back into the flow of the gathering in general and this particular concentration of "consideration" has come to an end. And then that pattern I introduced by interacting with those for a while and having it recorded gets put into the stream of the entire gathering. In effect, I've entered into a "consideration" with everyone. But this is how it becomes extended - by this small side - pattern to begin with, and then a re-integration. Because I couldn't possibly have this kind of directness if I had everybody in the community come and sit-where?

So the circumstance for My Serving, within the design you are all involved with, is up close to Me. And then it extends from there - through recordings and such, obviously, that are done there, but also through the individuals who were part of that "consideration", their Leela, their sign and changes altogether in practice and service.

Discourse - Klik-Klak: The Pattern Patterning

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