Update to Copyright Discussions with Adidam


Dear Beezone Reader,

It is now the summer of 2016, and I sit in Taos, New Mexico at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains continuing to develop the Beezone website library. It has been over a year since my journey and pilgrimage to Adidam Samrajashram where I went to continue licensing and copyright discussions with the Avataric Samraja of Adidam, the copyright holders of the work of Adi Da Samraj.

My letter on my return describes this journey and the renewed dialogue that resulted in my trip. At first, the discussions were very promising, energetic and fruitful as ALL the prominent members representing the Avataric Samraja of Adidam participated.

Over the six month period of discussions, the community of Adidam in both their central locations of northern California and the Island of Naituba experienced devastation natural disasters that crippled and seriously destroyed much of what existed as thriving and flourishing Adidam Community. These two disasters changed the focus of Adidam Samraj and its energies away from peripheral areas such as copyright discussions to survival and rebuilding necessities.

Beezone has been in earnest talks with the Avataric Samraja of Adidam, the copyright holders of the work of Adi Da Samraj on and off since 2011. It is now February 2017, and our talks have recently reconvened.


Ed Reither,

Founder and Director

February 23, 2017


February 3, 2012

Beezone regrets its inability to work out a copyright agreement with the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam (copyright owners of the works of Adi Da Samraj). After two years of negotiations the Adidam Samrajya, the Adidam Holy Institution and the Adidam Legal Department decided it was not possible to grant Beezone a license of copyright (see letter below).



The Radiance of the God-Man, The Gesture, The Argument, the Service of God-Realization in Ordinary Beings
A talk by Heart-Master Da, July 12, 1976


If you have any questions please send Beezone a message here.



February 3, 2012

"I do not understand why so many thousands of people
who have heartily expressed to me the opinion that my own written works
express great clarity, judgment, and understanding
balk and look in disbelief when I speak ecstatically of the (Adi Da)"

Ken Wilber

Letter from Terry Patten (Integral Spirtual Practice) in response to Adidam's decision not to issue Beezone a copyright license agreement.


Dear Ed,

As you know, I'm a strong advocate for Adi Da's unique transmission. I am dismayed that he is broadly regarded as a preposterous narcissistic guru cult-leader, and His teaching is not broadly read outside his small community of devotees. Despite the fact that MANY people regard my connection with him as prima facie evidence that I have a tragic flaw or even in some cases that I am not to be taken seriously, I continue to advocate for the unique Divine transmission available through his written teachings, talks, art, literature, photos, etc.

In doing this, I must constantly swim upstream against the perception of the flavor of provincial narrow cultism that stands forth as obvious to the eyes of most people involved in the larger public conversation about higher consciousness and the evolution of human culture. To them, there is an enormous body of "evidence" in everything put out by "official" Adidam that he taught in an obsolete authoritarian manner, exemplifying the kind of guru centrism that is best forgiven and forgotten in the ash bin of history.

Thankfully, there have been some resources to which I can refer people that don't have this "stink of cultism". And of those, Beezone has stood out as the most clear, positive, rich, intelligent, and vital resource. Thank God, there has been something I can point to that doesn't require people to align to Him in orthodox terms in order to begin to taste the Grace of His wisdom and transmission.

The people who participated in making this decision may not be able to see some things that are extremely obvious (even in-your-face) from the other side of the moat that makes insular the interior worlds of Daists disconnected from those of the thousands of intelligent spiritually-open people who are potentially able to receive His Grace and maximally leverage His Influence into the world, in direct response to his impassioned shout in Not Two Is Peace.

To them, I say: Thank You for living with Him and serving Him and listening closely to His every Word, and accepting responsibility for His Work and safeguarding His Treasures and tending His Sacred Fire for all these years. You are the Priests of the Holy Places dearest to my heart. You are the holders of the freshest, most spiritually fragrant relics on the planet. You are the Pujarists whose Blessing I pray for. You are my Gurubai, and older / younger brothers and sisters in exploring the Esoteric Mysteries of His Gift to Me that I have not yet matured into. I don’t want to do anything to disrespect or insult you.

But I, like you and many others, was asked by Him to “make Satsang available.” In my case, He made it explicit that to respond to His injunction, I would have to leave and aspire to function as a secret agent in the Temple of Saint and Ear. To you I necessarily appear adolescent. And I am, functionally speaking. But He needs the full-spectrum response to Him. And the linkeage between the “childish” appearance of Radical Devotion and the godless atheism of the profane public mind, requires autonomous, critically-aware “adolescent” practitioners. I try to be that and teach practice in a way that is aligned to Him and to Truth. I hope you can hear my sincerity and integrity and listen deeply to what I say with curiosity and respect if not agreement. And forgive me when a tone of passionate indignation creeps into my voice.

To date, the public education arm of Adidam has done what He asked, and through a spectacular feat of editorial and publishing prowess has manifested an incredible literary and artistic legacy. With our other friends, you have helped preserve His amazing sanctuaries, endowments and worldwide community. But the communications strategy He required has pretty clearly demonstrated that it has failed completely to reach the many thousands of people who rightly should (and can) be the most intelligent and open "first adopters" of a non-cultic appreciation of Him.

Now it seems that those required to be the legal decision makers for Adidam, trying to do their difficult and paradoxical job, have temporarily and understandably lost sight of the forest and have been lured into myopic absorption in the inscriptions in the tree bark.

Beezone has singlehandedly done a far better (and more extensive) job of public education than the whole institutional effort. I’m not exaggerating even slightly. It has more hits per month than all your other websites combined. It is the attractive place people want to spend time, something even you say He called for. It is the one thing that Adidam *needs most* and absolutely should be working to preserve.

Instead, somehow, you folks, old friends and beautiful human beings, have gotten weighted down by our institutional karmas (I often think of Adidam, fondly, as my second dysfunctional family-of-origin) and at the moment don't seem able to reach an awakened consensus that allows you to respond appropriately to what is right in front of you. There are even more core principles than the core principles you think you are defending. Please realize you have inadvertently been drawn into the patterns of thinking that He raged at until it (and all the world) was too much for Him to bear. You have defaulted to a narrow, literal reading of some of Adi Da's last utterances on this subject and lost track of what He was really getting at.

You are failing to stay informed by the fact that he has said many diverse and apparently contradictory things across his lifetime and that his statements always evolved over the years, and that he didn't hesitate to change his mind when presented with fresh evidence. The Internet is a fast-changing and disruptive ecosystem that has transformed the dissemination of music, books, and now spiritual teachings. Were He still in the body, He would have grown to understand this over time, and would have wanted to adapt his approaches to use the web creatively and effectively.

You, my old friends, known and not known, in the institution, doing a difficult job, seem to feel no option but to slavishly focus on his most recent literal words. In this you end up resembling Biblical literalists. Instead, I wish you would recognize that the utterances you study and quote must be understood as pointers, but entirely secondary to His primary instruction to you. Your obligation is to stand alive in the spirit of His most fundamental injunction to us all, which was always, stated most simply, "to make Satsang available."

Important aspects of His work are certainly preserved by his formal Agencies. Many of you have labored for thankless decades doing an amazing job of doing that to His exact specifications. But it appears that your inability to creatively and dynamically respond to changing conditions is rapidly making His transmissive gifts into antiquarian specimens in a museum, marooned on remote islands (literally and figuratively, isolated islands cut off from even the most open currents in the public noosphere) and effectively inaccessible to most of the rapidly-evolving larger world.

If a different kind of not-quite-so-submitted student can appear, why prevent it? This is the resource that has the potential to solve your large-scale problems, generating a stream of younger people who can come on retreat and expand and keep alive our aging, dwindling community. Find ways to allow the Divine to do the Yoga that I believe already wants to happen. Let Him manifest a new larger, less cultic wave of devotees. But it won't happen except with websites like Beezone and devotee pandits like Ed.

Beloved's transmission and gifts will make it into the world eventually. It may take years, and it may need to happen *despite* his formal agencies rather than primarily through them. But all of us have a higher obligation. I hope Beezone and/or Adidam will find their ways to clarity that will allow this precious resource to reopen and resume its vital service to His Spiritual Legacy



Terry Patten

and from another visitor


Dear Ed,

I am so sorry to hear this tragic news: beezone deconstructed.

What a heartbreaker -- I'm so very sorry, brother, for that must hurt a lot. I know you're not just feeling your own pain at this loss, but the loss you know everyone else is going to feel too. What a crying shame that something like this -- the beezone -- that is doing Good for our Beloved Spiritual Master has been destroyed because of a strict, even cultic, adherence to the "letter of the law," or what they interpret as Adi Da's wishes, without Him actually knowing what is happening. It is very regrettable. For, as we all know, Adi Da is very spontaneous and could modify due to the current circumstances of the world and in response to His devotees, not simply by certain "rules" He had mentioned at one time or another.

I don't know what to say. It was such an awesome research tool, esp. with beezone's access and presentation of old magazine articles quoting Adi Da directly -- how can they say that these talks are not valid, just because they do no adhere to His most recent communications about practice, or the order of practice? Do they think people are not intelligent enough to draw their own conclusions based on the FULL STORY of who Adi Da truly is and has been for His Incarnate Lifetime? Only the FULL STORY, that is, every word will Liberate people and draw them into His Heart.

I will never discount ANYTHING that came out of His mouth for it was given as Free Blessing to everyone, for all time, in my opinion.

This is a tragedy of the highest order in regard to enlightening the world... and in spreading the Word and Image of Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj... and most important, drawing people into His sacred Company.

I will pray that the people who made this decision will reconsider and at least allow actual published talks and writings to be posted on your site (with their consent!), at least the ones NOT covered in the current literature. That you can continue the site in some way -- for how can you present the Great Tradition of human spirituality without being able to post its crowing achievement and incarnation: Avatar Adi Da Samraj?

It is a sad day, and I weep for the loss of my Beloved Sat-Guru's Presence on the WORLD-WIDE Internet. The whole wide world NEEDS His Teaching Word, in its full form, not just their condensed excerpts (and limited readings).

I can only pray -- and nobly support -- a reconsideration of this decision.

While I do understand, and admire, that Adidam, as the Holy Institution, MUST PROTECT the Word and Image of Adi Da, which they certainly must do, they are making a grave error in not recognizing those people out in the world that are SUPPORTING Adi Da in a positive way, and those who are corrupting His Existence in a negative way.

We all, the human race, and all of us who were alive during His Lifetime, who were graced by His Presence and Darshan, who fell in love with Him via all the "old" talks and books, must take a stance to protect Him from even His own institute, which we all know after living within it at times, tends toward cultic association and their own concerns, instead of being concerned for humanity at large and freeing the Free Avadhoot Love-Ananda to simply be Who He Is and know that God will draw people to Him without anyone (e.g., the church) interfering with the dissemination of His Divine Teaching Word...

I say, let God, the Radiant Transcendental Divine Consciousness, take care of His Business in a right way that honors ALL of existence, and ALL of the human race, not just those rare souls (the very few) who can make the most strict commitment to joining the formal congregations of Adidam (of which I am a member). Let His devotees make sure there are no obstructions to the access of His Divine Presence and Word and Image, in whatever form, for there are already countless limits imposed by this world, but, please, not from His own Holy Institution. The Avatar is God's business, the institute is only a servant, so it is a sad day that God's Avatar has been restricted from more freely reaching humanity as a whole. This should not stand, if we truly love and honor our Most Holy Guru.

Again, I offer my sincere regrets. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.