Vital, Peculiar and Solid Stragegies

in the teachings of Adi Da Samraj


Talks, essays and discussions

Imbalancing Act - Eating Gorilla Comes in Peace

The Realization of Love - Changes All Emotional and Egoic Complexes

Development of Ego - The Separate Self

Study Guide to Chapter 23 - The Dawn Horse Testament (1991)

Sutra 44 Study Guide - The Dawn Horse Testament (2006)

Vitals, Peculiars, and Solids and the Primal Qualities of Universal and Bodily Life - The Eating Gorilla Comes in Peace

Vitals, Peculiars and Solids - No Remedy

The Primary Sensation - A Discourse Given by Adi Da Samraj - March 10, 1993

The Seven Stages of Life - A Study of the Development of Human Growth

The Ego Does Not Sleep - Transcending Your Invisible Script


"Until there is the development of significantly effective “self”-understanding relative to the developmental problems associated with the first three stages of life, any one who aspires to develop a truly esoteric practice will, characteristically, tend to relate in either a childish or an adolescent manner. This is a form of what Sigmund Freud described as an “Oedipal” problem."

Adi Da Samraj - The Aletheon