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"The more you go inside...., the more things are seen. And you also see our past and our future, which are there together as a single thing already achieved, already happened . . .I knew and saw God...the entire universe...

Maria Sabina describes access to the timeless eternal visionary realm

"One of the proofs that it is 'Jesus Christ himself' who talks to them is that anyone who eats the mushroom sees visions. Everyone we have asked suggests that they are seeing into heaven itself. ... Not all Mazatecs believe that the mushroom messages are from Jesus Christ ... Most monolinguals however will either declare that it is Jesus Christ who speaks to them, or they will ask a little doubting 'What do you say, it is true that it is the blood of Jesus'?" (Mushroom Ceremony - Smithsonian Institute).

Eunice Pike noted to Wasson in 1953

"Throughout history human beings have been looking for something to sustain them. Everything from Jesus to Amanita muscaria, the sacred mushroom, is claimed to be the panacea, the sustainer" -Adi Da Samraj - Read More

"He used to say that it was the top of the spiritual axis of the earth; there must he said, be another mountain corresponding to Arunachala exactly at the opposite side of the globe the corresponding pole of the axis."

Major Chadwick - Devotee of Ramana Maharshi - Read More




Can You Drink, Sip, Chug, Chew or Swallow Your Way to God?

The Search for God


The following is from:

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj) - THE WAY THAT I TEACH - Talks on the Intuition of Eternal Life - Chapter 8 - Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity


The traditions of "saviors" all over the world are a religious dimension of the search for the edible deity. That is one way of analyzing this tendency or game in the theatre of human life. But there are cults surrounding edible things all over the world - magical edible things, important edible secrets known only to a few. At the lowest or most elemental level are foods that are just good for you, or herbs that will rejuvenate you, like ginseng, or herbs that will make you hallucinate and suddenly see something that is remarkable, something that turns you on and makes you feel happy.

But these are not the highest and most famous forms of the edible deity. The highest form is still basically legendary. It is called by various names, but "soma" is probably the best known. In our time many people are actively looking for it. They are trying to identify various plants and other substances from secret, far-off places all over the world as this soma, which, when taken, completely rejuvenates you and makes you an immortal. Partaking of this soma is the same as taking the "bread and wine," you see. It is a version of the same ritual. And many people are actively looking for it, just as people are actively looking for saviors, the cultic edible deities.

But if you can consider the whole argument that I have presented to you, perhaps you can also understand that the true "soma" is not something that you can eat. Of course, there are good things to eat and do. But the true "soma" is the transforming internal secretion of the whole body in its natural state. The secret is to get the whole body-being into its natural state, in which it is naturally secreting all those substances that rejuvenate it, enliven it, keep it psychically awakened and aware in the fullest possible sense. Now we are toxic, enervated, our energy and attention are bound exclusively and strategically to certain kinds of functions - essentially the lower or gross functions of money, food, and sex. We are in conflict. Our blood is impure. Our cells are full of toxic accumulations. We are socially disturbed and in mystery about everything altogether, waiting for something sustaining to appear on TV!

Somebody is going to make the announcement on TV sometime, about the ultimate, absolute, scientific, newsworthy discovery. The edible deity is going to appear there sometime - today's newscasters, if they can live so long, may get to announce it. And then millions of people will all go and join that cult.

So there are cults of the edible deity still appearing everywhere. People try to eat me! People come to me for that purpose, to establish a cult, to engage in a conventional and irresponsible association with me as the edible source at the center. But the responsible devotee living in Divine Communion, enjoying the advantage of right relationship to one who is the whole body, enlightened, such a devotee is literally responsible in daily practice for the simple process, the Law, of his own structural being. That functional body-being therefore continues to grow. It becomes purified and rejuvenated in the ordinary way. And from time to time the devotee may fast and rejuvenate himself. After he purifies his cells and blood, he may take herbs and other substances that intensify and restimulate the glands and the higher mechanisms of the body.

However, the true "soma" is not eaten in the form of any objective meal. The "soma" is what is released in the body when we are successful at living the Law. The "soma" is released in the most absolute Divine Enjoyment. It is the nectar of Amrita Nadi,' the current of Immortal Bliss - "amrit" is the ancients' word for the "Divine Nectar." In some sense it is a physiological process - the higher glands begin to secrete substances that are now suppressed because of the impure condition of the blood and the attenuated energy and attention of the being. These substances are secreted by the glands, and they rejuvenate and awaken the various psycho-physical centers.

But the "soma" of the whole body is not accumulated in cultic fashion. It is sacrificed, thrown on the fire of the heart, of Divine Ignorance. We do not know what a single thing is, not even our own body-being. We are priests in our ultimate Realization. In Bhava Samadhi, the ultimate Realization of Truth, we are not simply sustained and made immortal in objective independence. We are made a perfect sacrifice. We are made immortal not by accumulating benign things from without, but by throwing the whole cycle of assimilation and elimination to Infinity. The body becomes like a ladle of butter, and we throw it into the infinite Ignorance-Radiance, which we intuit from the heart, the whole body-being. That is how we become immortal - literally by dying while alive.

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj) - THE WAY THAT I TEACH - Talks on the Intuition of Eternal Life - Chapter 8 - Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity