ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mind is not merely in the brain and less than the brain. Mind is the circumstance of consciousness in its association with objects of all kinds. Mind is universal, infinite in extent. And if we put ourselves into a position to explore the roots of experiencing, we are going to enter into a realm of mind in which we realize mind to be greater than mere daily thinking and social consciousness.

Those who take up the discipline of yogic mysticism learn in the process to become responsible for the tendencies of mind and attention that cause certain experiences to arise, or cause attention to gravitate toward one or another kind of phenomenon, or cause limiting interpretations to be superimposed on experience. Through the science of yogic mysticism, living beings can enter into a pure perception of the mechanism of our existence.

But mind is greater than we conceive mind to be from the purely physical point of view. What you are seeing at the present moment is actually a vision. You are having a vision at this moment. You know that you are seeing, but you do not generally acknowledge or presume that you are having a vision. Rather, you are identified with a physically embodied state in this gross environment, and you see and hear on that basis. Thus, you are not generally in a position to understand the nature of your own experiencing.

It is more or less common knowledge, at the present time, that you are not merely seeing what is external in this room. Your seeing is, in fact, an electronic apparition, developed in the nervous system of the brain. You have no direct connection to the gross object, or objects, that you are seeming to view at the present time. In other words, you are having a vision. You are not merely seeing a gross environment, but you are having a vision of a gross environment.

Because of the tendency to be identified with the body, and also because of all the taboos associated with conventional consciousness in this world, people do not investigate, or thoroughly explore and consider, the status of their own experience in any moment.

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