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Adi Da Samraj


"The "News and Information" media of popular culture do not often invite the public to the exercise of discriminating intelligence. On the contrary, the popular media thrive on hype, propagandized states of emotion and mind, and nondiscriminating responses to every kind of advertised goods, persuasions, and results.

Until the media that inform the masses of humanity begin to invite the individual to exercise discriminating intelligence in all matters, and until human beings in general become founded in the higher Wisdom-Culture and the intimate politics of authentic human existence, there can be no true wondering about the madness we inherit in the daily News.

Indeed, the hypocritical media reaction of surprise (and sometimes disgust) in the face of all the kinds of fascinating and bizarre news in the world is even the product of a kind of competitive rivalry. The Cult of the News would be senior and superior to any phenomenon about which it reports. (From the popular point of view, the "Messiah," or the "Messenger" is always senior to the Message.) Everyone in the world is in the cult game, including the media the themselves. Everyone wishes to be glamorous and right and the center of attention.

The News is one of the principal forms of modern popular entertainment. The Messenger is glamorized by the superior entertainment value of every kind of Message. Therefore, the News exploits the vulgarity of subhuman events and bastardizes the achievements of superior men and women. Then why should there be any wondering if immature people follow false cults, false leaders, false ideologies, and destructive causes? To be enthusiastic and also false is the hypocritical core of the "American Way." Indeed, Western culture as a whole was founded on religious lies, political exploitation, and manipulative propaganda of every kind. And these means are yet to be overcome."

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